the newearth university
school of health & wellness

to affirm the healing art of living well

by honoring our magnificent natural sovereign design

as an integrated Spirit and body-mind


the school of health & wellness was created to:

  • Lead humanity to consciously remember their civilized state of vibrant health & wellbeing;
  • Empower all to transcend modern illness, restoring strength, vitality, and the beauty of natural being;
  • Research and share resources while developing curriculum and toolkits for embodying sovereign health & wellbeing.

health & wellness philosophy

Aligned with NewEarth Project’s ethos, the philosophy of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is simply based on life’s original, immutable, natural laws.  We believe a move towards Oneness – or unity consciousness – must be a deliberate movement toward the essence of natural living in harmony with all creation.

At the core, this begins with conscious conception and conscious birth, therefore the School is comprised of two key disciplines: Conscious Birth & Dying and Wellness Sovereignty.

The pure-truth of our body’s remarkable capacity to self-heal has been hidden… now we claim our human right.  For decades, (now more than ever) corporations and institutions (entrusted to serve humanity) have been permitted to serve their own vested interests and agendas to the detriment of our health and well-being.

Recognizing that reclaiming one’s wellness sovereignty is an essential component of embodying and exercising one’s absolute sovereignty, we, the faculty of the School of Health & Wellness, commit to offering the best resources and tools supporting this highest personal expression.  We endeavor to cut through the white-noise of allopathic medical research and practice, making the natural healing arts & sciences accessible to all.



NEU’s School of Health & Wellness brings together a network of visionary and pioneering educators, practitioners, and related alliances – all serving to advance consciousness through optimal wellness and sovereignty by fulfilling these healthy objectives.

Individually – and collectively – we are changing the face of healthcare.  With the participation of every sovereign human being, we will succeed.

  • Create and implement Health & Wellness courses
  • Ongoing development of Health & Wellness Web TV shows with topics of: conscious conception, birth & death, holistic indigenous medicines, complimentary medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, organic food, ayurveda, the cancer pandemic, immunization, wellness retreats, etc.
  • Co-create a Pure-Truth Symposium: Health & Wellness Sovereignty – including The Cancer Pandemic, dispelling myths while promoting solutions
  • Develop Health & Wellness research facilities and healing centers for NewEarth Communities
  • Support the NE Project worldwide to develop state-of-the-art retreats with master healing-artists
  • Provide the NEU Library with current research resources in all related areas of Health & Wellness with articulations in: holistic modalities & therapies; nature’s remedies; degenerative conditions/ cleansing & detox; state-of-the-art nutrition; spirit/body-mind (mindfulness, fitness, movement, yogas, martial arts, etc.)

School of Health & Wellness News & Events


Wellness Sovereignty

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