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empowering humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright

while supporting collectives to pursue their shared vocation


NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law was created to lead the planetary conversation on true sovereignty while exploring new and innovative means to assist a global realization of the self-governance principle.  The School is comprised of two key disciplines: Sovereignty and Self-Governance.

Esteemed faculty, fellows and staff help create and coordinate initiatives that support the emergence of the rule of natural law and/or facilitate self-governing women and men to engage global governance in the spirit of cooperation and open-mindedness.

Recognizing that true sovereignty is an inherent condition of human existence, and that it is imperative if the School of Natural Law’s mission is to be realized that humankind individually embody that sovereign condition in their own lives, the efforts of the School necessarily orient toward education, inspiration, and empowerment of the individual – or perhaps more accurately, toward expediting individual self-education and self-empowerment.


Having met a core objective in June 2015 to formally launch the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), and thereafter facilitate its inaugural seating at Runnymead (on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta), NEU’s School of Natural Law continues to support the development of this unprecedented Initiative.  Please visit the ITNJ website at:


Our Ongoing Objectives:

  • To develop – in conjunction with faculty, fellows, staff and affiliates – introductory curriculum for Natural Justice.
  • To continue to support the success of New Earth Nation by participating in a worldwide NE University symposia for indigenous and non-indigenous leaders alike – with the goal of uniting every woman, man and child on the planet through a global Covenant of Fellowship.
  • To facilitate a social support network for the embodiment of the absolute sovereign condition.
  • To redress the social and political injustices wrought upon the people of the world, particularly in the developing nations.
  • To support the delivery of the global referenda platform as mandated by New Earth Nation members pursuant to the New Earth Treaty.

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