Q: Is NEU free to join?

Yes! Content from NEU’s 6 Schools & Library is complimentary, as well as mini-courses shared in service. We’re committed to honor the premise that ancient wisdom & modern knowledge is openly availed to anyone. You need a free NewEarth student account to enroll in curriculum.

Q: Where are Workshops & Courses?

Accessed at COURSES main-menu (pull-down) at the top of pages  We share open-sourced School toolkits for 24/7 self-paced study. Some curriculum is free; some is fee-based requiring your student account.

Q: What are NEU’s 6 Schools?

Natural Law, Socio-Economics & Ecology, Science & Design Innovation, Consciousness & Spirituality, Health & Wellness, and The Living Arts are NEU’s Schools – each has two Disciplines. UN-Learning & Learning blueprints are distilled with NewEarth’s ethos, exemplifying new ways of being as whole-system fractals of The NewEarth. All share ancient wisdom & modern knowledge synergized as repositories of life-enhancing toolkits.

Q: Who are NEU Fellows?

Fellows are a fusion of great minds – researchers, inventors, pioneers & practitioners across a broad range of disciplines – a brain-trust of esteemed women & men accomplishing breakthrough works in their respective field during a highly contributive career. Change-agents in their arena of endeavor, they manifest works of notable merit and have created exemplary, valuable innovations to life. (NEU Fellows are nominated.)

Q: How to begin study at NEU?

Gratitude for interest to join our planetary movement through its new-paradigm Un-Learning & Learning arm: NewEarth University (NEU). Take a free mini-course, explore 6 Schools & Library chock-full of content. Enroll in fee-based workshops/courses. If you don’t already have a free NewEarth account, you need to create one first. See above main menu: Courses “Getting Started” … follow text-prompts, especially protocols in red. Thank you.



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