Q: how do I start?

Gratitude for interest to join our planetary movement through its new-paradigm learning arm: The NewEarth University (NEU). Take a free mini-course, explore the library, visit pages chock-full of content from 6 Schools. Take fee-based Workshops / Courses. To start, go to COURSES. If you can’t find what you’re seeking, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you! ATTN NEU Chancellor:  contact@newearth.university

Q: who are NEU Fellows?

Fellows are a fusion of today’s great minds – researchers, inventors, pioneers & practitioners across a broad range of disciplines – a brain-trust of esteemed women & men accomplishing breakthrough works in their respective field during a highly contributive career. Change-agents in their arena of endeavor, they manifest original works of notable merit, and/or have created exemplary, valuable innovations to life. (Fellows are nominated.)

Q: are resources free?

Yes! Core-learning content from NEU Schools & Library is free, shared in service. You WILL need to OPEN a NewEarth Account to enroll in curriculum. Some courses & workshops have fees. We’re committed to honor the premise that ancient wisdom & modern knowledge is free to all, openly availed to anyone. Visit Complimentary Courses

Q: where are the courses?

Courses are easily accessed at Courses Main-Menu top of each page ⇑ Some are free; some, fee-based. We share open-sourced toolkits for self-paced study 24/7 – resources are in the Library; also in each School’s Resource Section, e.g., once in a School, scroll to bottom page: RESOURCES

Q: will there be more learning resources?

Yes! Content organically evolves in eCourses, Workshops, Initiatives, etc. Inspirational Web shows are also available by subscribing to New Earth Project YouTube Channel. Each School has complimentary core content accessible for self-paced learning. Explore NEU’s Library for resources curated by dedicated faculty & staff.

Q: what are the six NEU schools?

Natural Law, Socio-Economics & Ecology, Science & Design Innovation, Consciousness & Spirituality, Health & Wellness, and The Living Arts are UN-learning NEU platforms to evolve a NewEarth. Embracing blueprints distilled to manifest conscious communities & initiatives aligned with a NewEarth ethos, Schools exemplify new ways of being – whole-system fractals. All share ancient wisdom & modern knowledge synergized as a repository of life-enhancing educational resource toolkits.


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