A Humble Journey: The Story of MMS (film by Sacha Stone)

Note: this 34-min. film has been heavily censored and deleted from various platforms. Gratitude for this wonderful channel – Rumble – now showing it – greatly appreciated. Please share widely!

Inspirational dialogue with Sacha Stone and legend Jim Humble – one of the greatest pioneers in health sovereignty and a true 21st century hero.  Jim has been an esteemed fellow of the NewEarth University since 2019 when he was a keynote speaker at the 3-day, unprecedented World Health Sovereignty Summit at the NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia.

NOTE: Jim has gifted NEU with his recent digital book, The Solution, available for free download at this NEUniversity homepage.  The extraordinary wisdom-knowledge shared by Humble at the NewEarth University is helping to create major unprecedented healing shifts and transformation for all people.

In this 34-min. documentary, Jim chronicles the genesis of MMS (miracle mineral solution) – the miracle of sodium chloride and water with activation that he invented in 1996.  

Filmed in 2018 on location in Southern California by Connie Broussard, Deb Evershed and members of NewEarth Project/Humanitad Foundation (founded by Stone); compiled & edited by G Soto.



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