Kundalini Awakening: Untangling the Enigma of Eden


Kundalini Awakening: Untangling the Enigma of Eden

Article submitted to the NEU Library by Sri Jana


A mystery confounds humanity. Our entire history is veiled in enigma. How can we understand ourselves as long as our history is unknown? How should we interpret the story of Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man? Literally? As a Metaphor? Or Myth? Confusion about the origins of humanity negatively clouds our collective mind and stifles our evolution. In this constant battle for the SOUL, now is the critical moment to learn our true beginnings, so that we can know ourselves, do the inner work, and free ourselves from the realm of darkness.

Long before Biblical times in 246,000 BCE, an ancient sacred text called the Maharata is said to have been given to humanity by the Founders Races, in the form of holographic CDT-Plates. These 590 volumes included over 500,000 pages of non-dogmatic, egalitarian, Sacred Spiritual Science teachings covering every aspect of how to master personal and cosmic reality. But due to intentional editing and distortion by powerful fallen angelics and human power elite, the original pure teachings were forgotten. These altered teachings are the foundation of all our myths and religions, from Christianity to Buddhism and Indigenous Oral Traditions. We are now living in exciting times when the original pure knowledge is available, and humans are discovering the long-forgotten secrets of universal wisdom.

This article outlines the primary elements of the Bible story from many cultures through time. These are the DOTS. Help us connect them and untangle the Enigma of Eden. Please stay with me here as it’s going to get complicated. I’ll just touch the tip of the iceberg. Do your research and make up your own mind.



  1. The Bible Story of Adam and Eve came from the “Maharata” Texts. How Many Versions, Editions, and Translations?

  2. The Tree of Life: A Vertical Column Connecting Earth and Heaven?

  3. The Serpents of Creation: Were Serpents Evil? Or Wise Spiritual Guides?

  4. Humanity Created from a Lump of Clay?

  5. Caduceus: Symbol of Healing and Spiritual Ascension?

  6. DNA, a Spiral Helix of How Many Strands?

  7. Chakras: Energy Centers of the Body in How Many Spiritual Traditions?

  8. Pineal Gland: The 3rd-Eye Crystalline Transmitter of Spiritual Frequencies?

  9. Kundalini: Awakening Absolute Joy in the Body, Stepping into the Path to Enlightenment?

  10. Sexual Passion: True Path to Enlightenment? Or a Physical Distraction?

  11. WAR! Rivalry Among Ancient Visitors: Who Were the Two Brothers?

  12. Conclusion: Can We Connect the Dots? A Quickening of Energies brings Opportunities, Choices, and Tests Designed to Make us Spiritually Stronger.



  1. The Bible Story of Adam and Eve came from the “Maharata” Texts. How Many Versions, Editions, and Translations?

We all know the Bible story of Adam and Eve. When Satan, disguised as a coiled snake, tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, she gave the fruit to Adam and they both ate. Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s warning. God became angry at their sin and banished them forever from the Garden of Eden. After the Fall, every human on Earth is born into a state of sin and shame. God cursed mankind with a life of hardship, pain, and difficulty in the unprotected wilderness.

The Fall of Man is a concept from Genesis 3 Chapter in the Bible Old Testament.

By eating the fruit, Adam and Eve discovered the truth about Good and Evil. They became “Like God”. But due to their transgression, we are told Adam and Eve lost the chance for eternal life and ascendance into Heaven for all humanity for all time. In a forever separation from Source, this heavy burden is felt by all humans as our “The Fall from Grace”, for which we experience eternal shame and remorse.

What are the Roots of the Bible?

Once upon a time the Bible was about 20 times bigger than it is now. Long before Atlantis, there were common knowledge spiritual teachings in a once enlightened, joyful, peaceful, love-based global civilization. What we now call the Bible is a small part of a huge series of pre-Sumerian books called the Maharata texts.  These were related to the ancient Mahabharata Epic, and they contained ancient practices of inner alchemy, the same teachings used by Jesus Christ, Miriam, John the Baptist and the Essenes.

The Maharata texts are part of a larger body of work called the Emerald Tablets, which were ancient holographic discs given to humans in 246,000 BCE by the original founders’ race. In these books were all the rules of Nature, how science works, how spirit works, how stargates work, how ascension works, and how to enjoy living in 3D.

The Maharata texts showed how the human body anatomy is identical to the earth’s anatomy as a planet, to the galaxy, and the energetic design of the universe. These teachings were called the Law of One, that each of us is a direct face and manifestation of the consciousness of God, giving us freedom, absolute free will and joy to create and be our true selves.

The Sun’s Orbit Precession Cycle

Earth’s cycle around the sun of 25,920 years is called the Precession cycle. This orbit of our solar system within the Milky Way always brings huge energetic changes. Over time Earth has been invaded by powerful beings of many types who came with their own agenda and fought with their rival competitors. These beings were called “Gods”, Demiurge, Elohim, Yahweh, Fallen angels, Lucifer, Baal, Zeus, Krishna, Thor, and many other names. Eventually the controlling beings altered the deep earth energy grids, to destabilize the planet energy. They manipulated our DNA, in order for us to think and behave in certain ways. They gave us religion that worshipped a God outside of us. Slowly, we lost conscious awareness of the sacred universal oneness in our 3D bodies, forgot our relationship to Source. Over time our chromosomes and sequence of DNA chemicals were changed so that we functioned differently mentally and physically, and we could no longer use our expanded universal freewill cognition. After the Fall of Atlantis in 9,558 BCE, the Maharata texts were hidden. Millions perished in the great flood that was purposefully done as a kind of house-cleaning for their controlling agenda.

21st Century – It’s All Coming to a Head. A Cosmic Cycle of Death and Rebirth?

Now everything we see in the world around us is a reflection of these same ancient issues. Every political event, War, 9/11, Covid, and the vaccines are all superficial publicity directly related to very real events behind the scenes. This is a period of mass disillusionment on this planet. We don’t remember who we are, we don’t know our history, we have bio-engineering diseases, and a consciousness crisis. We know the Bible represents a fragment of the original Maharata teachings, which through the years has been edited to serve controller agendas. These are the foundations of our crumbling current world religions. Now, humanity is awakening to a larger universe and the original knowledge is coming back, to revive a long-forgotten promise of love, freedom, unity, peace and victory to all beings of Earth. Are we in a cosmic cycle of Death and Rebirth?

Telephone Games of the GODS Through History?

Everybody loves the children’s game “Telephone”, where we whisper a phrase around a circle of people, and see what surprising modifications take place by the time it reaches the end. Maybe the Sumerian tablet story of Adam and Eve was told so many times, it was transformed. Maybe the original account came from the Anunnaki “Gods”. And if so, we need to ask: What agenda did they have? What did they want us to believe? Since history is written by the victors, and we believe the Anunnaki were interested in controlling humans, we might want to take their story with a grain of salt.

Was the Bible written by the Anunnaki rulers, or is it from long before? The Anunnaki language is unknown to us now, and we have no known stone tablets from them. I’m inclined to believe the source was much earlier, hidden for centuries, and then told orally via the Sumerian tongue. Later the story was translated into Akkadian and Hebrew, where it was finally put into writing. I wonder, how accurate were these oral stories? How many other local languages were involved in the chain of myths? How accurate were the subsequent handwritten translations into Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and finally English scripts? What hidden assumptions, agendas, interpretations, and embellishments could have been added at each point? It boggles the mind. But this is just the first chapter of our enigma.


  1. The Tree of Life: A Vertical Spinal Column Connecting Earth and Heaven?

The Tree of Life is an important historic symbol representing a world axis unifying upper and lower realms, connecting Heaven and Earth, a path for eternal life. The Tree of Life is a metaphor for the human spinal column that links our energy vertically down to the center of the earth and up to the North Star, the pinnacle of heaven.

Throughout Mesopotamian history the Tree of Life symbolizes the divinity of the human soul, the spiritual path of ascension. How many other traditions have this image? Old Norse legends hold that the giant Yggdrasil tree is a universal pillar supporting the cosmos, extending high into the heavens where the gods dwell, down to the underworld below the Earth’s surface.

The Chinese Tree of Life or World Tree, the Cassia tree (Kien-Mu or Jian-Mu), is regarded as the central axis of the world, a column between Heaven and Earth linking the Male Serpent/Dragon, Lord of the Sky, with the Female Goddess of Earth. In a union of polarities, the Male Serpent-Dragon connects with the Female Goddess of Inner Earth. The World Tree is also associated with the seven stars of the Big Dipper, which rotate around the pole star Polaris, marking the four cardinal directions. And the World Tree is also in the Christian Bible.

In Buddhism the huge Bodhi Tree is a symbol of awakening and liberation from the physical world. The Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree before he attained enlightenment.

In the 5,000-year-old Bhagavad Gita 15, the blue god Krishna describes the material world as a sacred tree of life, called the mythical aśhwatth or Banyan tree. Toward the top of this tree is the Supreme God, the source of all, stretching infinitely up into the heavenly realms, and downward into the material realms. This universal tree is so upside-down, and so incredibly huge, no one can imagine its size. Yet embodied souls wander its branches up and down, lifetime after lifetime.

Ignorance keeps people wandering on the tree, trapped in the matrix. Krishna says to exit we must align with God, the source, and not be distracted by the branches. Ultimately, we must cut this mythical tree down with the axe of detachment. Then we can align with Source, give our life to the Supreme Soul, to reach the God Realm and transcend the material world forever. That is enlightenment or Moksha.


  1. The Serpents of Creation: Were Serpents Evil? Or Wise Spiritual Guides?

For many millenniums the history of earth has been a dance between humans and reptiles. Serpents and dragons of every size, shape, and nature figure importantly in mythology of all cultures. The snake is a major player in the story of Adam and Eve. Yet the serpent question opens a vast mystery, a watershed point that diverges far away from the history we learned in school. I am not an expert on extraterrestrials or snakes, therefore I have no opinion. I’m just looking for the truth. So, I will outline a few historical points and let you make up your own mind.

In many cultures, snakes and dragons have long been revered as gods of wisdom and creation. We’ve all heard legends of dragons and feathered serpents. Are these fables for children? What if the snake myths are true? The history of life on earth reveals a story of various lineages of reptilian DNA mixing with humans. Although the Roman Church publicly portrayed the serpent as evil, the truth of the matter is quite different. Let’s examine serpent legends in various cultures. This aspect of our history has been one of the most difficult for our controllers to conceal.

Hebrew Bible: Snakes Were Intelligent and Wise.

In Genesis 3 of the Bible, the snake is described by the Hebrew word word עָרוּם “Arum”. This word means “sagacious, wise, intelligent, astute, sage”. It does NOT mean “cunning, subtle, or devious”, as in common English translations. Does this indicate that Hebrews revered the snake as wise? Early Hebrew writings indicate the snake was seen as more intelligent than other creatures, because it was a royal form. However, the Roman Bible interprets the serpent of the Garden of Eden to be Satan, the evil serpent-devil. This contrasts with early Mesopotamian history, in which a serpent-dragon is a gift of wisdom and royalty of high status, not evil.

Maybe the serpent coiled around the Tree of knowledge was a wise being that offered spiritual salvation and enlightenment to Adam and Eve. But the high controllers of Eden chose to block their path for ascension, and punished Adam and Eve to keep them in slavery. Then the snake was portrayed as a devil by those who wrote the story – in order to “shame” us and prevent humanity awakening  to their true potential.

Maybe the serpent was not bringing mankind down at all. Maybe he was making Adam and Eve like “God”, by offering higher knowledge. A Gnostic perspective reveals that the deepest knowledge can be found within oneself through the union of the male and female, positive and negative polarities, the intertwined spirals of the rising kundalini energy up the spine. AKA, the wise serpent represents the “awakening” of the “coiled serpent” in the Kundalini pathway of spiritual enlightenment. Is it possible?

The Babylonian creation story Enuma Elish predates the book of Genesis.

It was carved into Sumerian tablets 1800 years before Christ, describing events that took place many centuries before.

The Babylonian myth says: “In the beginning, there was only Tiamat, the dragon Goddess of salt-water symbolizing the primeval force. Tiamat was said to be a fierce and huge Dragoness, personification of the primeval force of the universe before order. Her male consort, Apsu, was God of the fresh water. Tiamat and Apsu represented the mysterious divine void that came before form and order, which are the foundations of civilization. These two Gods Tiamat and Apsu birthed all the thousands of great Gods and Goddesses of Babylon.”

At one point in a fierce battle, Tiamat was defeated by the God Marduk, who split Tiamat in two. One half of her became the dome of heaven. Her eyes become the source lakes from which spring the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and mountains arose from her head. After the victory, Marduk became king of the gods.

Early Hebrew Bible in Genesis Reveals a Dragon Goddess – Serpent Sea Monster?

The Hebrew Bible was taken from early Sumerian stories that were re-written and interpreted through the centuries by Hebrew scholars. What deeper meanings were obscured or removed?

The Creation of the World, in KJV Bible Genesis 1-3

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” (Mistranslation. “The deep” refers to the female dragon goddess Tiamat, as the Hebrew word “tehom” is a Hebrew cognate of Tiamat’s name.)

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. He created the Heavens and let it divide the waters above from the waters below. Then he gathered the waters together to make dry land appear. He commanded the earth to bring forth grass, seeds, fruit trees. Then he created in the heavens to divide the day from the night, to be signs for seasons, days, and years. Then God made two great lights the Sun and the Moon and the stars. Then he let the waters bring forth moving creatures and flying birds, whales, and every living creature that the waters brought forth abundantly. He blessed it all.

(Mistranslation?: Whales is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word “taninim”, meaning “crocodile” or “serpent sea monster”.

Maybe these linguistic studies of the original story are telling us that the world was created by snakes!

What about China? Chinese Creation Story of Serpent – Dragon Gods

The Chinese creation story depicts dragons as wise snakelike, reptilian creatures with horns and talons. Chinese dragons were seen as benevolent beings with divine origins, who lived among humans and brought many gifts.

Chinese mythology tells of two ancestor serpent gods Fuxi and his sister/wife Nuwa. When the land was swept by a great flood, they were the only survivors. Nüwa also created humans by molding figures of clay and breathing life into them, thus giving the Chinese people a direct link to dragons from creation. Not all dragons were benevolent, however. Malevolent Dragon Kings caused the Earth to flood. Miraculously, humans were saved, and the Dragon Kings were vanquished.

Fuxi (伏羲), is considered humanity’s Father Dragon-God. He created Chinese culture, developed calligraphy for writing, legally defined marriage, and bestowed agriculture. Fuxi also invented the first BaGua, Eight Trigrams and precursor of the I-Ching oracle, which encodes the structure and the rules of the universe. A brilliant guy!

After the creation of humanity, benevolent dragons lived alongside mankind, providing protection and guidance. China’s first imperial dynasty was said to have dragon blood flowing through their veins, leading to the Chinese royalty calling themselves “descendants of the dragon.”

Aztec Creation Story: Flying Serpents?

Legends of shape-shifting wise snakes in 15th -16th century Mexico speak of Ometecuhtli, god of duality and the spiritual realm. Just like the entire universe is composed of polar opposites in mutual vibration, this primeval androgynous god possessed dual qualities of masculine/feminine, light/dark, chaos/order, and good/evil.

Ometecuhtli’s son Quetzalcoatl was revered as “Precious feathered serpent”, like a flying dragon with feathers. Quetzalcoatl was sometimes worshipped as the god of wind and rain, patron of priests, and merchants. He was also considered the god of wisdom, learning, science, agriculture, and the arts. Quetzalcoatl invented the calendar and discovered maize, the primary food of the Aztecs. Some say that Quetzalcoatl abolished the long-standing practice of ritual human sacrifice, and instead recommended “sacrificing only serpents, birds, and butterflies”. There are so many myths it’s hard to look for the truth. In one story Quetzalcoatl was born to a virgin after she dreamed about a God.

Islamic Creation Story and the Supernatural Visitor

The Qur’an describes how Allah created Adam from clay. Her name was “Hawwa” (Eve). Adam is the father of humanity, and Hawwa, is the “Mother of Mankind”. Allah created them both and then asked the angels to prostrate before Adam. They all obey, except for Iblis, a rebellious outcast. (Iblis is a Genie, a Jinn, an angel, a supernatural being.) Iblis creatures are not evil, however they give allegiance no one. In the Garden Eden, God forbade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Immortality.

Iblis coaxed Adam whispering: “Shall I guide you to the Tree of Immortality and Eternal Life?” And he said to them: “Your Lord did not forbid you this tree, otherwise you will become angels or immortal.” Iblis swore by Allah: “Verily, I am a truly sincere well-wisher for you both.” Surah 7: 20-21. Then Adam and Eve ate the fruit.

When God saw what they had done he banished them from the garden. Some say Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden far apart and had to search for each other. But their punishment did not last long. The Qur’an does not blame Eve, and the punishment did not apply to all of humanity. The Qur’an holds that Eve made no mistake, there is no original sin, and the fall of man does not exist. Allah is merciful and does not give us burdens of others to bear, as most likely we carry enough of our own. This image shows Adam and Hawwa riding a dragon.

Snakes Symbolize Spirituality and Medicine in Indian, Greek and Egyptian History

The hooded cobra represents immortality and divine wisdom, as seen in Indian sculpture and Egyptian royal crowns. Both these cultures revered the serpent as a symbol of wisdom and immortality.

In ancient Greece and the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the coiled serpent of the caduceus was a sign of spirituality and higher healing power. This is the official symbol of the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization.

Hindu Creation Story: The Primeval Snake Ananta

In Hindu mythology, the god Narayana (an aspect of Vishnu) floated on the endless snake Ananta on the primeval waters. From his navel grew a lotus flower, and the God Brahma was born out of his divine energy. Then the Hindu Trinity was born: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.

NAGAS: Ancient Race of Snake People in Asia?

In some traditions of India the Nagas and Nagini are said to be an ancient race of hybrid half-human, half-serpent beings. The Nagas live in the realms of Lokas beneath the ocean or deep inside the earth in caves and mountains. They are mostly considered helpful beings, something like angels and helpful demons.

In legends of India and Southeast Asia, Nagas are snake inhabitants of the underworld. They reside in their own kingdoms of lakes, rivers and oceans where they jealously guard the treasures of the earth. They can change appearances, sometimes as snakes or half-snakes, sometimes as humans. Their mortal enemy is the giant eagle Garuda. Yet Nagas and Garuda are both considered two incarnations of Vishnu, as two polarities of the divine essence. The Serpent vs. the Eagle is a rich theme in many cultures. This can be seen in the rivalry of two brothers Enlil vs. Enki, as the eagle vs. the wise snake geneticist water god Poseidon.

The female Nagini are spiritual water beings, sometimes represented as a serpent with a human head. These snake deities rule fertility of the soil and the fertility of women. They are great poets that guard the treasures of the earth, as mediators between heaven and earth, intercessor between the upper world, lower world and other dimensions. Are these anything like fabled mermaids of the West?

The wise Nagas are responsible for controlling the weather, causing droughts by withholding rain when they are offended, and may release rain when they are pleased. But woe to those who treat them with disrespect by polluting their environment, such as urinating or washing soiled clothes in a Naga inhabited stream. Afflictions such as leprosy, cancer, kidney stones, and skin rashes are seen as Naga diseases.

At Angkor Wat in Cambodia, numerous stone sculptures show hooded multi-headed Nagas as guardians of temples or other premises. Are these similar to the fearsome monster the Greek hydra, that deadly poisonous multi-headed snake with the power to regrow itself? The Greek Hydra was a venomous snake with many heads, descended from a long line of sea beasts. In Cambodian tales and legends, Nagas can take human form, travel underground, swim in water, and fly through the air. Is this something like the Meso-American feathered serpent gods Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha?

Royalty Descended from Snakes?

Too many coincidental myths involve serpents and dragons. Are some of them real? King Arthur became the Pendragon. Pen means head, which makes Arthur the “head dragon” or “king serpent”, the savior who re-discovered the chalice. From the first millennia, the Khazars of Eastern Europe were known as the “Serpent People” that later adopted and invaded the Jewish faith.

How strange, it seems that many royal lineages on the planet claim descent from the serpent – whether it be the Merovingians, King Arthur, the Chinese Dragon Emperors, and even the modern Khazarian Zionists. Do they all believe themselves to be descended from the “bloodline” of the serpent?

It is also significant that the ‘serpent king’ bloodline should be rooted in the Caucasus Mountains and Ukraine, from where these reptile-human bloodlines may have emerged to take over the world. Still today there are two distinct races in Central Asia, the olive skinned of medium height with dark eyes, and the much taller, white skinned people, often with blue eyes. These traits were considered the ‘Master Race’ by the Nazis, who perhaps knew the history and the connection with the reptilians. In neighboring Iran, the kings were known as “Mar” which means “snake” in Persian. Here they were called the ‘dragon dynasty of Media’ or the ‘descendants of the dragon’.

What does all this mean? I don’t know. I leave this for you to ponder and make up your own mind.


  1. Humanity Created from a Lump of Clay?

Many cultural legends speak of human creation from clay or mud. Is this mythical? Actual, or symbolic of DNA hybridization and genetic modification?

Sumerian cuneiform tablets indicate that Anunnaki rulers wanted humans for the sole purpose of serving the gods. Their chief god, Anu, commissioned his son, Enki (Ea), and his daughter Ninki (Enki’s half-sister) to create humans by sacrificing one of their tribe, mixing his body and blood with clay, and forming the first human being made in the likeness of the gods.

In his book, The Twelfth Planet, author Zecharia Sitchin analyzed Sumerian creation stories from the tablets. He concluded that the story of a god’s body being mixed with clay may have referred to biological engineering. He supports his conclusion by pointing to the Sumerian tablets which state that the first humans were bred in the wombs of female Custodial “gods.” According to the tablets, the Custodians (Anunnaki rulers) had male and female bodies, and they bred by sexual intercourse.

Sitchin believes that the “clay” referred to a special substance that could be inserted into a Custodial womb. That substance held the genetically engineered cells of the new worker race, Homo sapiens. He indicated that humans could apparently be bred in this way, as their DNA was very similar to the Custodians. Interestingly, modern scientists have bred animals in a similar fashion, such as gestating a zebra in the womb of a horse.

See the Sumerian translation below. Sumerian tablets indicate that custodial rulers created spiritual beings, striving to “bind spirit to physical”. Was the intention to keep the new beings permanently attached to their bodies through repeated reincarnation. Why would they do this? To make them more reliable slaves and prevent them from discovering their multidimensional nature? How would this be done in the DNA? Is this what is meant by “dumbing down” the DNA? Is this why we do not remember our past lives. Is this why it is so difficult to evolve and achieve enlightenment on Earth?

“In the clay god [a spiritual entity] and Man

[physical body of Homo sapiens] shall be bound,

to a unity brought together;

So that to the end of days

the Flesh and the Soul

which in a god have ripened

that Soul in a blood-kinship be bound”

Sumerian tablet excerpt from ‘The Gods of Eden’ by William Bramley


Many Other Legends Indicate Humans Were Created from a Lump of Clay:

  • Ancient Chinese mythology tells that the ancestor gods Fuxi and his sister/wife Nuwa were serpents. The land was swept by a great flood, and they were the only survivors. Nuwa created humans by molding small clay figures and breathing life into them.

  • The Qur’an describes how Allah created Adam from clay and indicates a “mate” for Adam was created from the same nature and soul. In Islamic tradition she is known as “Hawwa” (Eve).

  • The Bible states that Adam, who symbolizes first man, was created by “God” from the “dust of the ground.” Egyptian mythological god, Khnum, creates human children from clay before placing them into their mother’s womb.

  • Pandora from Greek mythology was fashioned from clay and given the quality of “naïve grace combined with feeling”.

  • Zoroastrian mythology tells that the first the primordial ox, Gavaevodata, and subsequently the primordial human, Gayomart were created from mud by the supreme deity Ahura Mazda.

  • In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu is created by the goddess Aruru out of clay to be a partner for Gilgamesh.

  • According to Chinese mythology, (see Chu Ci and Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era), Nüwa molded figures from the yellow earth, giving them life and the ability to bear children.]

  • In the Babylonian creation epic Enuma Elish, the goddess, Ninhursag, created humans from clay.

  • According to Hindu mythology, the mother of Ganesh — Parvati — created Ganesh out of clay and turned the clay into flesh and blood.

  • Laos folk religion tells stories of humans created from mud or clay.

  • The Yoruba culture holds that the god Obatala, created the human race from clay.

  • The Māori people believe that Tāne Mahuta, god of the forest, created the first woman out of clay and breathed life into her.

  • Inca creator god, Viracocha, formed humans from clay on his second attempt at creating living creatures.

  • In Norse culture, humans are made from sand in tree trunks.

  • In the Korean Seng-gut narrative, humans are created from red clay.

  • Some Indigenous American tribes hold that the Earth-maker formed the figure of men and women out of clay which he dried in the sun, and then breathed life into them.


  1. Caduceus, Symbol of Healing and Spiritual Ascension?

The Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. A symbol of healing also called the “Rod of Hermes”, the ascended master known as Mercury, messenger of the Gods. In Greek it is called a Kērykeion. The caduceus was associated with equilibrium. healing, medicine, and spiritual enlightenment. Entwined serpents symbolize union of dual polarities which must be in perfect balance for healing to occur.

With a touch of his caduceus, Hermes was said to put mortals to sleep or raise the dead. He was said to cure any illness and alchemically transformed whatever the wand touched into gold. The caduceus is similar to the rod of Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, but his staff is entwined by a single serpent.

In Hindu traditions, the caduceus represents spiritual consciousness transformed through the body’s pranic energy system. The vertical wand represents the spine, and the serpents are the kundalini force. Serpent power resides in the earth, just as it sits at the base of the spine. When activated, the kundalini energy ascends and flows up the spine to the top of the head to its peak at the third eye, the site of the pineal gland in the center of the brain. The wings signify the ascension of consciousness through higher planes of awareness. In India, the caduceus can be seen in carved in ancient temples symbolizing the elements of Nature: Earth, Aire, Fire, Water.

The oldest known imagery of the caduceus dates back to 4000 BCE in Mesopotamia with the Sumerian god Ningishzida, snake god of the underworld. He is the god of medicine, nature and fertility. The caduceus was also associated with the Enki, master geneticist and reputed creator of a lineage of humanity. Enki’s emblem was two serpents entwined on a staff. Yep, that’s a Caduceus.


  1. DNA – a Spiral Helix of How Many Strands?

The interlocking helix of DNA carries your unique genetic code in every cell of your body.

A DNA molecule is said to consist of two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. Each strand has a backbone made of alternating groups of sugar (deoxyribose) and phosphate. Attached to each sugar is one of four bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), or thymine (T). The two strands are held together by bonds between the bases, adenine forming a base pair with thymine, and cytosine forming a base pair with guanine.

The Pleiadian view on 12-strand DNA via Barbara Marciniak:

  • Original humans had 12 strands of DNA—contributed by different civilizations.

  • Many years ago reptilian creator gods genetically limited humans to 2 physical strands of DNA in a reign of fear and control.

  • The other 10 strands—energetic light encoded filaments—were left disconnected/“unplugged”.

  • The “Original Planners” called on the “Family of Light” to incarnate to Earth human bodies to restore the disabled 10 light-encoded filaments.

  • The “Family of Light” is incarnating in large numbers now as the planet frequency matrix shifts.

  • During this time of transition, we can reclaim our multi-dimensional heritage.

  • The task before us is to consciously command, intend, and will the evolvement of your DNA,

  • The light-encoded filaments carry the language of light geometry, and the stories of who you are.”

Does DNA Hold Your Memory?

It turns out that memory is stored not only in the brain. Energy medicine studies indicate that the DNA inside every cell of your body holds an energetic record of not only your memories but the memories of your ancestors. If this is true, then we can heal ourselves and our society through energetic frequency healing modalities. This self-healing work is arguably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our children. It will help us gain freedom and prosperity in our own lives and extend that outwardly through leading an enlightened life. Maybe the Buddha was right, that what we do in this life can unburden our future reincarnations, and also future generations.

“History is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood.”  Carl Jung

Is DNA the Storehouse of Genetic Memory?

Researchers at Caltech recently built the most complex biochemical circuit ever created, with DNA-based devices that they say are much like a computer. An animal’s DNA is “software” that tells the cell’s “hardware” what to do. But instead of electronic circuitry, our body uses networks of biochemical circuitry. In another study, scientists at Brown University recently discovered that the brain is just a processor, and your DNA is the storehouse of genetic memory.

This science confirms modern gnosis. Maybe we must relearn our past in order to evolve into the future. Discovering our genetics, ancestors, and our unity with all universal life, helps us reform our understanding of the physical world, healing, and personal evolution.

“The mRNA Shots Erase Soul Memory” says Alex Collier, Andromedan Contactee 12/16/22:

“When a soul enters the body, the memories of the soul from all existences connect to the 3rd strand of DNA. The mRNA vaccine creates another 3rd strand, that is between your 2 strands, which cuts off your ability to connect to the 3rd strand of the DNA. It was designed specifically to cut you off from that cellular information and knowledge. That’s why this shot is so dangerous, so diabolical. They were purposely trying to entrap us as souls in these physical bodies. And the mRNA vaccine is patented, which means by law they own your physical body when you take that.

If this had been allowed to progress without off-planet intervention, the dark ones, reptilians, Orion group AI would have had access to your 3rd strand of DNA and could have literally gathered all that information, that intelligence from you without your permission, and/or erased it. The MRNA rewrites the DNA strands. It creates gateways into the rest of your DNA. Do you understand how messed up this was? This was sinister beyond sinister.”


  1. Chakras: Energy Centers of the Body in How Many Spiritual Traditions?

Chakras are energy vortices in the body. They are part of your internal network that carries the life force. This system consists of Chakras, Nadis, Meridians which are all channels and gateways to the divine. This network is used in many spiritual traditions including Egyptian, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese, and Gnostic. These energy vortices within the body are connected to the infinite Source of all.  Most of us are familiar with the yogic tradition of seven chakras. These seven centers are divinely planned exits or “trapdoors” through which the soul enters the body and through which it can ascend through purification and meditation.

By successive steps, the soul ascents into Cosmic Consciousness. In its upward passage through the “awakened” cerebrospinal centers, the soul travels to the Infinite, retracing its course to reunite with God.

The Sanskrit word “chakra” means “wheel”, with each one as a spinning vortex. The chakras are often visualized as a series of lotus flowers of different colors and numbers of petals. I see the chakras as a spinning torus. The visual details vary in different traditions. See below the diagram of chakras and energy gates in Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian lineages. The main point is, that we have an energy network connected to Source, through which we can perfect our consciousness and ascend by whatever means.

The energy centers of the body are connected to the vertical column (shushumna) that extends from the pelvic floor root center to the Sahasara thousand-petaled lotus at the top of the head. However in reality, it connects far deeper and higher than that, extending from the center of the earth through your body up to the center of the cosmos. In the Indian tradition the Ida and Pingala channels weave up the body like two snakes, carrying the dual polarities, and with the chakras are located at their precise intersection points.

The rising energy in the body percolates and activates the pineal gland in the center of the brain, known as the “Third Eye”. These energy centers are the portal to all knowledge, doorway to our genetic memory. The universal form is the torus and the spiral, just like our DNA is made of coils. The Kundalini, the caduceus of Hermes, and the chakras all represent the dual union of cosmic polarities: masculine / feminine, Yin /Yang, Positive/Negative rising up to the top of the head for the fruition of the human journey. All the ancient knowledge is encoded in your body for you to understand and integrate.


  1. Pineal Gland: The 3rd-Eye Crystalline Transmitter of Spiritual Frequencies?

The Pineal gland sits in the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres. Like an antenna, the Pineal gland receives frequency vibrations. One of the most amazing parts of our body, it produces hormones that affect mood and modulate our biorhythms of day and night, wake and sleep. Its shape resembles a tiny pea-sized pinecone, hence its name “pineal”. The Pineal gland is hidden deep inside the brain, and it has been quite an obsession of masters, mystery schools, and religions through the centuries.

The Pineal Gland is located in the central third ventricle of the brain, a large pocket of fluid. This gland contains tiny crystals that respond to piezo-electric frequencies and electric charges. The pineal gland is said to be as a kind of antenna or radio receiver. Attuning it to different frequencies brings different experiences to the holder. When tuned to spiritual frequencies, we can experience a direct connection to the cosmos.

As the Kundalini energy rises within the body up to the brain, the Pineal gland or third eye is activated. At this point, both hemispheres of the brain can synchronize so that logical thinking on the left is integrated with holistic creativity and psychic abilities on the right. The pineal gland can be further tuned to higher frequencies with help of Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Daoist packing, Breath control, Chanting, and Visualization.

Three primary hormones produced by the pineal gland include Serotonin, Melatonin, and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Serotonin is that very feel-good hormone that gives us a floaty feeling of comfort and ease all over the whole body. Melatonin regulates our sleep-wake biorhythms and helps us fall asleep at night. DMT is a psycho-active hallucinogenic compound similar to ayahuasca brew used in Amazon healing ceremonies. Does this mean an activated pineal gland can produce enhanced visionary states of pure ecstasy without the need for external stimulants of substances? I believe yes.

All three of the pineal’s neurotransmitters play a role in forming our thoughts and intuition. These electro-chemical frequencies travel in special brain pathways, creating sensory and extrasensory experiences. As neurochemicals, they activate perceptions, images, and visions, to produce a state of being, so that we think and picture things in certain ways.

Damage to the pineal gland is widespread in modern times, because this delicate receiver gets filled with toxic gunk. Pineal damage can be caused by fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste. Other specific pineal toxins include Glyphosate herbicide, WIFI, EMF-smog, 5G, aluminum, heavy metals, chlorine, bromide, mercury, pesticides, sugars, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, nanobacteria, and toxic thoughts. To heal the pineal gland, we need to detox the body, purify the mind, and avoid the agents listed above.


  1. Kundalini – Awakening Absolute Joy in the Body, Stepping Onto the Path to Enlightenment?

What is the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine? In esoteric practices, a dormant universal energy lies coiled at the base of the spine. It is sometimes envisioned as a goddess or a sleeping serpent. The term “Kundalini” comes from Sanskrit meaning “coiled”. “Kundalini” is part of every true spiritual tradition under myriad names including “Microcosmic Orbit”, “Shoshuten”, and “Heavenly Cycle” . It is an inborn way of self-healing that is natural and normal for all humans.

If you were born with a soul, then you also have Kundalini life force energy, otherwise you’d be dead. What does an activated Kundalini feel like? Have you ever met a child or a great saint with such a vibrant frequency that is so full of life? That’s because their inner system is awakened and alive. This was always meant to be for you naturally, as we all have the capacity to live like that. The Kundalini energy starts at the base of the spine in the root chakra. It spirals all the way up through the body and can connect to Source, the all-loving, all-knowing, all-being Supreme Spirit. We have the power to connect to the universe in this way, and we can train for lifetimes to do this.

The universe works from our intention in a free will environment. So, if your intention is to awaken that Kundalini spiritual energy or to awaken to who you truly are, then you know that your soul is eternal. Your body may come and go, but your essential soul is a spark of the Supreme Great Spirit and cannot be destroyed. Since we already have eternal life, we don’t need to buy anything, or take a medicine to have it. We don’t need to do anything outside of ourselves in order to evolve on our personal path.

The power of kundalini, primordial energy of the self, sleeps at the base of the spine at the pelvic floor. As long as the person remains asleep the individual is limited, and their true knowledge does not arise. But just as the right key can unlock the perfect door, various circumstances or practices can unlock the door of kundalini, allowing the person to experience liberation in this lifetime. Some rare people experience spontaneous Kundalini awakening. However, without some spiritual guidance, few people have any idea how to direct this energy in the body, so it often becomes a source of confusion. Some mistake it as sexual energy, and miss the benefit of pure connection to Source. The vast majority of people learn to awaken the Kundalini more gradually by practicing breath retention, visualization, chanting mantras, sounds, mental discipline, bandhas, and certain types of meditation.

When the Kundalini moves freely, it is the most joyful sensation in the world. The feeling is sublime, indescribable, something like being permanently in loving sexual ecstasy. You are connected to yourself through and through, and it feels like intense sexual pleasure. After all, sexual joy is what we came from, and it is the energy that fuels the world. Some believe Tantric sex practices are intended to stimulate the Kundalini held in the base of the spine. That is fine, although limited. There is so much more to understand in the highest practices.

Kundalini activation stimulates inner delight and breathing in waves of joy which surge up the spinal column and “melt the moon” in the center of the brain, the pineal gland. The energy travels up through the psychic centers to reach ecstatic union and inner knowing, the highest consummation of physical embodiment.

In the Chinese system, the most important Governing and Conception Vessels both begin at the root of the body (See diagram). These original male and female extraordinary meridians, are the very first channels that develop in a newly conceived human embryo. The male and female channels extend up the back or front respectively and are said to meet at the point behind the upper teeth.

The energy system of the body is intimately connected to your breath. That’s why all the highest practices use breathing exercises, known as pranayama, packing, and breath retention. When you learn to control your breathing and use that to stimulate energy movement in the body, then every breath will propel your kundalini to move on its path. When you infuse your intention and wish into every breath, then every breath will bring you closer to the highest ascension. Kundalini activation can begin a natural refinement in the body that changes DNA neural networks, and allow a person to receive new frequencies and intelligence. DNA frequency receivers are sometimes called Apparthi receivers, which can attune and download spontaneous messages.

It is said that when you are ready for a teacher, the teacher will appear. Finding a true teacher is the greatest gift a human being can have in the spiritual journey. I can personally attest that this is true. However every person’s path is unique. Therefore how a given teacher appears, may differ widely. Some teachers are human, some are beyond the beyond. Some teachers appear to help you once, and then you are finished. Some are with you for your whole existence. Keep an open mind.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Uniting Lower Chakras with Upper Chakras is the Diamond Path

According to Vajrayāna Buddhism, the Prajñā and Upāya energy centers reside within the body. The Upāya resides in the high plexus chakras (Uṣaṇīṣa Kamala), and the Prajñā dwells in the lowest plexus (Mūlādhāra) at the base of the spine. The Male represents upper Upāya, and Female represents the lower Prajñā. The esoteric commingling of the two polarities renders supreme bliss (Mahāsukha). The name Vajrayāna means the “diamond path”, the supreme power of the Vajra, a lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

The central objective of the Tantra Sādhanā practice is to awaken the “female” Prajñā (Herukā) energy in the lower chakras to move upward until united with higher awareness of “male” Upāya in the the upper chakras. This is a path that comes via practical discipline and yogic control, leading to spiritual oneness, the state of the “Boddhicitta” (बोधिचित्त) which means an “awakened” or “enlightened” mind.

Once the Kundalini is awakened, your job is to keep it vital and alive.

Keep your Kundalini healthy and you can have a constant supply of powerful Source energy to direct into creative actions in your life. In esoteric practices, the conscious stimulation of your cosmic force represents the union and balance of the two polarities of Nature: Yin/Yang, Male/Female.

The Kundalini practice is not necessarily sexual. It can be done in meditation alone, with a partner, or with an imaginary partner. The rising Kundalini sometimes feels like coiled serpents rising up the spine. Daoist practices work to control and and internalize orgasm in order to alchemically transform the pure kundalini from its physical form as “Jing” into living energy “Qi” up to its highest expression as Spirit or “Shen”. This is done by cycling the energy up the back of the spine and down again the front of the body, until it has reached a vibratory state that it can reconnect the person with the cosmos. Kundalini awakening feels like “lighting the inner fire”, and it can be disorienting.

A true spiritual practice is designed to cultivate the alchemical Kundalini process in a more controlled way, integrating it into right actions and practical learning for a life of service to the wellbeing of others. The ultimate goal of all physical existence is to infuse your life circumstances with virtue in each incarnation and to ultimately achieve enlightenment, which is the permanent ascension from the physical realm, with no requirement to be reborn in a physical body. At that point, you have the option to return embodied, or you can exist in another form or density. There are many higher worlds, levels, and densities. The universe is vast, and I understand spiritual expansion is limitless.

Back to the Kundalini in the Garden of Eden. What really happened? Maybe a serpent as “spiritual guide” offered the Kundalini experience to Adam and Eve. But when their controlling rulers discovered Adam and Eve had achieved true spiritual experience, they decided to curtail the evolutionary process, or risk permanently losing dominion over their slaves. So, they banished Adam and Eve into the harsh wilderness where they would have to use all their energy just for survival. What are your thoughts?


  1. Sexual Passion: True Path to Enlightenment? Or a Physical Distraction?

Sexual passion is akin to Kundalini energy. Indeed, sexual activity can stimulate and invigorate one’s kundalini. It all depends on your intention. The most advanced practices of Tibetan Buddhist Athiyoga and Daoist Sexual Alchemy are for one purpose, to achieve enlightenment. The term “Tantra” as popularized in the West, is widely believed to be spiritual sexual rituals and practices. But this could not be further from the truth. If we become distracted in the passionate physical energy of S.E.X. we’ll completely miss the higher spiritual benefits and the aim of Kundalini ascension. It is a misuse of energy when the physical procreative emotions overshadow and divert the pure purpose of spiritual enlightenment.

What are the Four Levels of Human Sexuality?

  1. Stealing Energy: The lowest level is when a person has sex without mutual consent in order to gain a selfish goal or steal the life force of another being, such as in rape, vampirism, pedophilia, or satanic ritual.

  2. Physical Sex: For the majority of humans, physical sexual is motivated by unconscious thoughts, physical need, and/or selfish desire. They conceive children with focus on physical awareness of the sex act. This process can continue indefinitely as unconscious patterns in future generations.

  3. Conscious Sex: Some humans practice conscious, joyful sex in generous deep sharing. They can conceive children who will have a greater capacity for spiritual evolution. These people are truly participating in the multi-dimensional power of creation.

  4. Enlightenment Practices: A very few people practice for the purpose of enlightenment, using physical fire or passion as an impetus for ascension. This stimulates the body energy into union with spirit. It consists of a physical practice with specific sacred chants. The practice is done alone, with a partner, or with an imagined partner. This uses the body’s natural procreative energies for a higher spiritual purpose, which results in higher awareness for the holder as it infuses the universal field with blessings and wellbeing.

Modern Buddhist monastic training does not teach about chakras. The Great Shakyamuni Buddha did not instruct rank-and-file monks about the energy body. Shortly after the Buddha passed away, a decision was taken to conceal this teaching, in order to protect the ancient knowledge from being confiscated, abused, or diluted by corrupt political powers, ignorant or magical evil-doers and service-to-self beings. This is why we Westerners and even trained monks do not learn of chakras in Buddhism.

However, the secret Chakra teachings do exist.

They are called the “Yoginitantras” or “Athiyoga”, secret teachings in Vajrayāna Buddhism. They were transcribed from the words of the great Buddha himself. The Yoginitantras were recently translated into English. These techniques include practices to achieve boundless joy, to become ageless, and ascend beyond the physical realm, used by Buddhist Lamas to achieve Enlightenment. Instructions must be given by a qualified master and perfected over time by the student.

“One must proceed in such a way that the mind does not swerve,

for when a jewel-like mind swerves from the transcendental unity

and lapses into opposites, perfection is not attained.”

Medieval Tantric text, Prajnopaya

True Vajrayana practices include secret visualizations, prayers, and physical body cultivation for enlightenment. Practitioners of sexual alchemy study control of the nine orifices in the body: the mouth, nose, two eyes, two ears, top of head, anus, and the sexual organ, in order to delay orgasm and retain energy in the body, so that spiritual energy is not wasted and can rise to its summit.

“The union of man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth. The alchemical union of Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, make them immortal, to live forever. Humans lost this secret and became trapped in embodied physical existence. By knowing this truth, humans can open the Path to Immortality.”   Shangku Santai Anthology of Classic Chinese Poetry


  1. WAR! Rivalry Among Ancient Visitors: Who Were the Two Brothers?

Who were the Gods of Earth? Three documents stand out in my mind as possibly useful to describe our history. They are “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley Gods_of_Eden_Bramley pdf,  “The Seeders” by Elena Danaan and “The Secrets Of Amenti” which describes the Maharata teachings of The Voyagers. I encourage you to check them out. Here’s a summary:

From “The Seeders” by Elena Danaan:

The great Father sky God, Anu, and his two sons Zeus and Enki were a trinity that came to Earth and ruled over the heavens, earth, and the seas. It seems his two sons Enlil and Enki (Ea) took dominion of Earth as giant Gods, although their brotherly relationship was competitive and rebellious. Enlil and Enki were called by the Sumerian title “Ushumgal” meaning “Great Serpent-Dragon.”

The older brother Enlil was a powerful magician, capable of changing appearance, and controlling forces of destruction. He wanted humans as his obedient slaves. Enlil asked his younger half-brother Enki to hybridize early humans.

The younger brother Enki was also a magician, known as the as Lord of Earth and water. Enki’s emblem was two serpents entwined on a staff – the Caduceus Rod of Hermes. Enki discovered the higher spiritual genetics in humans, and created Adam, a perfect human of great potential. He activated the DNA potential through the Tree of Life. Enki the geneticist wanted to give the human race an opportunity to develop higher consciousness. The original Sumerian Tree of Life was endowed with fruit that activates spirit, creating health and longevity. The Bible story symbolizes the spiritual teaching of a serpent and the Tree of Life that caused the activation of Kundalini in Adam and Eve.

But the older brother Enlil wanted to keep humans as dumb slave workers. Enlil heard about it and cast humans out of the garden. Enlil caused a great flood to wipe out civilization altogether. The younger brother Enki warned a few humans, who built a ship to survive the terrible deluge. After the deluge, the younger brother Enki lost all power to his older half-brother Enlil, and was forced to leave. Enlil then did everything possible to confuse, manipulate, and keep humans ignorant of their multi-dimensional nature. He further genetically altered humans to shorten their lifetime to less than 100 years and keep them distracted, too busy to pursue a spiritual path.

Enki had a youngest son known as the wise Thoth in Egypt. The ancient Mystery School Teachings of Thoth were passed down to initiates who became Egyptian priests. Before leaving, they carefully hid the secret knowledge of creation and higher teachings to protect them from falling into wrong hands.

Cross-cultural stories reveal similar accounts in Greek, Hindu, and Egyptian legends. Many scholars say the God Yahweh in the Bible was the very same person as the powerful older brother Enlil. And the wise snake helping Adam and Eve attain knowledge was his younger half-brother Enki. This is an excerpt from The Seeders” by Elena Danaan.

From “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley Gods_of_Eden_Bramley pdf:

Early humans were reported to be a constant headache to their custodial masters. The slave creatures not only disobeyed their rulers, but they also often banded together and rebelled. This made human unity undesirable to earth’s custodial rulers—it was better that humans be disunited. One of the ways in which the problem of human unity was solved is described in the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel to separate of humans by unintelligible languages.

The custodian rulers clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery. The reason is obvious. The custodial society wanted slaves. It is difficult to make thralls of people who maintain their spiritual integrity and sense of ethics. Most importantly, if spiritual beings could no longer be trapped in human bodies, no longer forced to reincarnate, there would be no more animated physical slave bodies. Sumerian tablets revealed a custodial intention to permanently attach spiritual beings to human bodies. Early man’s attempt to escape this spiritual bondage by “eating” from the Biblical “trees” therefore had to be stopped… and fast!…

A common misinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story is that the “original sin” had something to do with sex or nudity. This confusion comes from that part of the story in which Adam and Eve eat from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” and immediately become ashamed of their nakedness. It was not nudity, however, that shamed them. Adam and Eve were mortified by what their nakedness represented, because it was a sign of their enslavement—not because being naked in itself is bad. Click to read more in the “Gods of Eden” by Bramley. Gods_of_Eden_Bramley pdf

The Maharata Texts, Ancient history of Galactic War

According to the Maharata Texts, the keys to eternal life and ascension were given to humans on earth some 250,000 years ago. Essentially the Founder races seeded 12 Angelic-Human tribes at that time. The twists and turns of the drama of Earth’s history for billions of years before and after the initial seeding are not the subject of this article and would take many pages to tell. All our religions and folk legends, including the tale of Adam and Eve, are essentially a someone’s version of the teachings, that has been “cleansed” by the controllers. The uncensored story is a tale of wars, rivalry and bitter competition between the various controlling groups in this galaxy and beyond. The purest version of the Maharata may be in Tibetan Buddhism teachings, which survived the great flood, and continue to be somewhat immune to the ongoing battle.

Who were the players in our history? Anunnaki war-like beings, Draco-Zeta reptilians, Fallen Angels, Elohim, and many others competed for control of earth and continue to seek dominion of the human soul. Control is their objective. Humans are the greatest threat to their control agenda. For this reason the ruling races have gone to great lengths to ensure that humanity’s genetically-induced race amnesia, our ignorance to the Sacred Science of Physics, and spiritual knowledge remain firmly in place. Human ascension is their worst threat. This is a war for your mind and for the spiritually strong, with much deception at every turn. Humans owe an immense debt of gratitude to many positive extraterrestrials that continue to offer assistance. For more information, check out the “Voyagers II Secrets Of Amenti”.

Maybe the true Fall from Grace did not happen in the Garden of Eden. The Maharata texts tell of a vast cataclysm in the Cradle of Lyra in the Andromeda Galaxy 250 billion years ago, caused by galactic war between two powerful groups. This terrible event separated the Angelic Humans from Source. Fortunately the CDT Plates (Cloister Dora Teura holographic disc records) of the Maharata texts were created 246,000 years ago. For many millenniums, the truth has been twisted for control in terrible galactic events by demonic controllers on Earth, like the Great Flood and Fall of Atlantis of 9558 BC. In these modern times we are learning to embrace shifting frequencies as our DNA expands to the original 12-stand capacity. We learn to co-create with intention, heal with new technologies, open ancient energy portals, and imagine time travel in parallel dimensions. I don’t know what it means. Check out this timeline and enjoy!


  1. Conclusion: A Quickening of Energies brings Opportunities, Choices, and Tests

This 21st century is a pivotal time in history. The dark, Draco forces of mind manipulation and suppression have been removed. In a quickening of frequencies, we now have important opportunities, choices, and tests. The miracle of the present is that we have a clear path for us to remove old beliefs and spells limiting humanity and the Earth. This allows us the freedom to breathe, to learn the truth about our history and to deeply know ourselves.

How can we untangle the Enigma of Eden?

When we see the vast overview of history, these details seem irrelevant and fade into dust. It seems the controllers of humanity have done everything possible to block spiritual awareness and prevent ascension. Maybe Kundalini awakening was offered to Adam and Eve but immediately stopped by the controllers. So, Adam and Eve were not able to refine the kundalini process and achieve liberation. They returned lifetime after lifetime to slowly endure lessons of great difficulty.

Kundalini activation does not mean you are fully awakened or enlightened. Rather it means you have taken the first step toward spiritual realization. This is the beginning of our most important journey, the internal one. We learn to observe our inner journey, to listen to the cosmic music penetrating the body. We refine the awakened spiritual body to absorb joy. We remove obstacles to enlightenment in order to move beyond 3D.

This time in history is a battle for the soul of mankind. The physical body is a metaphor and a reflection of spirit. Maybe our only job now is to refine our vital inner vortex, as we digest our everyday human experiences, in order to strengthen our awareness of higher energies. Our internal practice is silent and sometimes solitary, yet this is truly the path to uplift and empower all beings in the universe.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your path!



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