Healthy Fun Facts

A few healthy fun facts from the School of Health & Wellness faculty members:


Did you know that yawning is quite good for your health and well being?


While reading now… start to yawn a few times in a relaxed manner.

Based on research in this arena, yawning several times yields these following benefits:

  1. cools the brain

  2. increases empathy

  3. improves alertness

  4. improves concentration

  5. improves memory

  6. yawning is a mood booster!

  7. yawning helps you to feel happier!

And it’s nice and easy to do… yielding many benefits. (While writing this in the NEU office … we are all yawning too.) It’s contagious in a good way –  join us.



Another fun fact:

Children instinctively smile about 400 times a day! Smiles are contagious, too. Yet it appears not so much for us adults.

Sadly – according to research on the subject – only one third (1/3) of grown-ups smile more than 20 times a day! And, less than 14% seem to be able to muster up just a grin more than five (5) times in a day.

So… we trust you’re smiling now.. make a good habit of smiling more – it’s good for your immune system as well.

Children know! UN-learn and Learn from them!




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