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NEWS! July 2023 ~ NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness is honored to announce that Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, has graciously accepted the invitation to collaborate as an esteemed senior fellow of your online UN-learning/learning community.

Dr Rima (as she is widely know) has been recognized as one of the top natural physicians in the world practicing drug-free medicine and psychiatry since she graduated medical school in 1970. Throughout her long and devoted career helping people, her research and methodologies have been fortified by a keen mind and strong work ethic – especially with the powerful collaborative support of her longtime beloved husband, the late Major General Albert N. Stubblebine lll, head of U.S. Army Intelligence in the ’80s. Together, in 2004 this dynamic duo decided to actually “take on” the globalist genocidal agenda, closing their cutting-edge medical practice center to work tirelessly for humanity after discovering that genocide was the real stunning intention of the globalist cabal.

Her hallmark tagline: “I will not comply!”

In June of 2023, Dr. Rima was invited by Sacha Stone to be a keynote speaker at his annual Regenesis Retreat held in Mexico. Meeting NEU’s co-founding Chancellor Dr. Nancy Ash there, she was subsequently nominated for – and accepted – an appointment as senior fellow associated with NEU’s School of Health & Wellness faculty. Dr Rima will be primarily working in a teaching tract presenting the student body with her remarkable life-work and profound expertise at her upcoming curriculum platform: Natural Solutions.

Dr. Rima’s extraordinary wisdom-knowledge is helping to create major unprecedented shifts and transformation for all people. She knows in her heart that there ARE natural solutions to all of the problems that we face today.

A seasoned exemplar – devoted to raising consciousness of supreme health & wellness through many, many years of service – Dr. Rima brings forward her multi-faceted Natural Solutions research and healing protocols for all, while championing freedom and peace for humanity.

We are delighted to recognize this astonishing, brilliant Soul as an esteemed colleague and honored senior fellow of the NewEarth University. May she be blessed with long life to assist all on the heroic journey to Oneness.

To learn more, read her BIO HERE


May this activity bring great benefit of radiant wellbeing to all.

~  Welcome Dr. Rima  ~

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