Wellness Sovereignty

wellness sovereignty as the zero-point



You have entered a life-altering portal to Wellness Sovereignty, a core discipline of study nested in NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness.

Wellness Sovereignty is “consciousness-in-action” – a declaration of intent to live, resonate, and intone the principles of Natural Law, which rests at the zero-point of each individual, community, and local environment.  The zero-point is the center of any conscious being or system – the absolute primordial center of wholeness and balance from which all form and matter arises.

For wellness considerations, the zero-point arises and abides from a heart-centered awareness present in all creation, and which guides one to know what it takes to be whole and in balance with oneself and with nature.  It is a still, soft, yet powerful voice inside reminding you of choice – your inherent zero-point awareness is the basis for achieving wellness sovereignty.

NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is a global gathering of individuals keenly interested in co-creating and nurturing optimal wellness lifestyles as a sovereign condition based on this zero-point awareness.  As women and men of New Earth, we do so in accordance with the most advanced wellness philosophies, technologies, and states-of-consciousness.

Wellness is a whole-system umbrella covering every conceivable area of life, and it holds space for every conceivable wellness modality that has been locally adapted, scientifically qualified and/or anecdotally proven effective.


  • Assist all to declare their Wellness Sovereignty and thereby change the heart and soul of healthcare.
  • Create and implement Wellness Sovereignty curriculum (complimentary and fee-based).
  • Research and provide cutting-edge wellness-related resources for all.
  • Continue to embed open-sourced content while developing a Wellness Sovereignty toolkit to help all entering the NE University portal, and greater NE movement.

your declaration of wellness sovereignty

The Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty presents an opportunity to align your voice with innumerable other voices in such a manner as to ensure – for the first time – that those who share a vision of sovereign wellness will no longer be ignored.

In full resonance with the NewEarth ethos, the faculty at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness present this Declaration as a first voluntary step to gracefully leaving old pathways defined by ‘dis-ease’ or obstacle… entering a new paradigm in which Wellness Sovereignty establishes an open pathway of ease – a co-creation within the most advanced and organic of life’s potentialities.



NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness


Wellness Sovereignty


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