LOTUS (Light On Therapeutic Utilization Services)


“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak,

return to yourself, to who you are, here and now

and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom,

even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”

–  Masuru Emoto, The Secret Life of Water


The L.O.T.U.S. Initiative

(Light · On · Therapeutic · Utilization · Services)


What is the LOTUS Initiative?

Based at the NewEarth University (NEU) this online platform shines a light on the need for love, comfort, support, healing, reconciliation and absolution from various forms of trauma.

LOTUS is a safe, sacred container… a precious womb-space offering a wide array of COMPLIMENTARY Therapeutic Services that are gifted by heart-centered professionals from around the world.  They volunteer their expertise to ITNJ Commission TIs (targeted individuals) and their families, witnesses, survivors, whistle-blowers, and our ITNJ volunteers exposed to traumas through intense research of these atrocities, etc.

Some of the LOTUS provider professionals are faculty at the NewEarth University (NEU).







LOTUS History

The NewEarth University in association with the Committee to Support the ITNJ is honored to host this LOTUS Initiative platform in alignment and support of the Commissions of Inquiry of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ.org).


The LOTUS Initiative was born in 2018 from a dire need to provide loving comfort, support, healing and absolution for those suffering (and their families) from trauma related to the revelations of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commissions of Inquiry. Many brave and courageous Souls have come forward to give stunning, heart-wrenching testimony (virtual and on-site).


The ITNJ’s first such inquiry is into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse, launched at Westminster Hall in London, April 2018. For a comprehensive digital viewing of that seating with riveting witness testimonies (a plethora of embedded videos) visit the ITNJ Commission portal: https://commission.itnj.org/


A subsequent ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry is: Weaponisation of the Biosphere, launched in June of 2019 in Indonesia during a 2-day seating. For digital viewing of those proceedings with more witness testimonies visit: https://commission.itnj.org/


The principal intention behind any of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commissions of Inquiry is not to instigate witch-hunts or target particular figures, but rather to set in motion a culture which ensures the restoration of truth, disclosure, ​reconciliation, ​healing and redemption surrounding vital issues of systemic, worldwide human trafficking and child sex abuse; and the devastating Weaponization of our BioSphere and Health-Sovereignty.


Therefore, the LOTUS Initiative compassionately shines light to help restore balance to suffering individuals for a re-calibrated life, to live in pure-truth from a blessed birthright as Divine, beautiful sovereign beings of radiant peace.


You are not alone.

Inspirational LOTUS Stories

“When I first discovered the targeting a few years ago, I tried to find meaning in it, as in Victor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning.  I searched online for positive images that would give me strength and inspiration and had printed out pictures of people I admired and found inspiring and would post them up on my wall.  I also discovered the lotus blossom and its significance and how it was valued for ..




Through the LOTUS Initiative we help YOU

while supporting noble planetary endeavors like the ITNJ


We help you rise and blossom like a lotus


Lotus Flower Photo courtesy of Karen Bell


“A beautiful lotus flower truly knows the mud because it has grown from darkness with an evolutionary urge to rise up into the light.”

– Rev Dr Nancy Ash, LOTUS Initiative Founder




The LOTUS Initiative has these devoted volunteer Providers offering online complimentary therapeutic services for you:



Psychology Counseling (Bali, Indonesia) Dr Margret Rueffler, PhD (NEU faculty)

A transpersonal psychologist, psychotherapist and acupuncturist, Margret has 35 years experience, now using a HeartSelf-Intelligence approach as safe-space for a variety of issues. To schedule a complimentary session, contact: [email protected]


Transpersonal Art Therapy (Australia) Angela Kirby (NEU faculty)

Angela specializes in Transpersonal Art Therapy offering you a complimentary session in a private space via Skype, where confidentiality is a crucial step in feeling supported and heard. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Reiki Healing Practitioner (USA) Connie Broussard (ITNJ trustee)

Connie is a Reiki Master with eight years of experience in the healing arts offering you a complimentary, life-enhancing energy healing session via Skype. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Transpersonal Health & Relationship Coach (USA) Dr Patricia Nardone, MS, PhD, RN (ITNJ trustee)

Dr. Nardone has extensive background in allopathic & complementary medicine including creativity, conscious relationships, meditation, yoga & energy healing. She offers you a complimentary session including deep-listening, healing energy and a creative heart-centered presence. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Somatic Integration/Buddhist Psychotherapy (Australia) Karen Bell

Karen holds diplomas in somatics, Buddhist psychotherapy and yoga. From decades of teaching and counseling in body-mind integration in Nepal, Bali and Australia, she offers you up to three complimentary sessions. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Listening (Australia) Peter Barber

Peter’s story began with service in international hospitality. The path led to a family hydraulic engineering business; then therapeutic Reiki practice; Ka Huna Bodywork; Radical Forgiveness & Buddhist Psychotherapy; Deeper Listening. He offers you up to three complimentary sessions. To schedule: [email protected]


Creating Art (USA) Jane Evershed (NEU faculty)

Create your way to healing. Making art is a way to meditate into a creator state of being. Transmute the hardships of life with award-winning veteran artist, Jane Evershed. She offers you up to three complimentary sessions. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Time-line Trauma Release (USA) Sandra Rolus

Sandra helps people heal and release residual trauma or blockages linked to their conception, birth story, childhood, ancestral lineage and sexual experiences, wanted or unwanted. She offers you a complimentary 2-hour session online via Zoom. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Spirituality Counseling/Integrative Wellness (USA) Janelle Lynn, MS, CNC

Janelle offers holistic strategies for balancing the body/mind & soul. Through earth-centered wisdom & heart-centered connection, align your inner spirit with outer life to discover a personal journey of transformation. To schedule a complimentary session contact: [email protected]


Reiki Energy Healing (USA) Allison Damm

Allison creates individual healing protocols based on need, integrating skillsets in Usui Reiki Mastery; Reiki Explorer Mastery; Holy Fire lll; and Karuna Reiki to release/heal trauma, restoring balance to systems: mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. She offers up to three complimentary sessions. To schedule: [email protected]


Spiritual Coaching (USA), Kendra Dahlstrom, CChT, CSC, RYT

Kendra creates a safe experience for trauma survivors by utilizing spiritual coaching, hypnotherapy and chakra-work. Life wisdom & blessed guides further support your healing journey to sovereignty and wellness. Up to two complimentary sessions are offered. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Spiritual Counseling (Australia), Willow Saige

Willow is a spiritual counselor with 20 years experience in assisting with self determined guidance, self determined thought form recalibration, energy healing and mindful manifestation in heart and solar plexus centeredness. She is the Acting Registrar of the ITNJ. To schedule, contact: [email protected]


Spiritual Counseling (USA) Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD (NEU chancellor; ITNJ trustee; LOTUS founder)

Rev Dr Ash is a senior InterSpiritual minister (ordained ’85), InterSpiritual Studies professor, and author/poet offering you a complimentary session via Skype as part of her worldwide healing ministry (M-F daytime on Zoom). To schedule, contact with Subject Line, LOTUS: [email protected] 



How does LOTUS work for me?

  • YOU Select a LOTUS Provider LISTED ABOVE and contact them via email to set up a complimentary online session – it’s that simple.

  • Your LOTUS Provider will respond to you when and how to meet with them for a session (usually Skype or Zoom, or possibly via phone).


Scroll down page for ADDITIONAL RESOURCES & OPTIONS available to you …



Your Additional Resources

The ITNJ – International Tribunal for Natural Justice (main site)  https://www.itnj.org/



NOTE: Contact founder Dr Ash for consideration to be included in this directory: [email protected] (e-mail subject line: LOTUS)



Balinese Lotus Flower photo courtesy of Karen Bell


Your International Support Groups


Organization of Victims Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons
Contact:  Galina Kurdina
Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://www.organizationofmindcontrolvictims.com/

The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment
Website:  www.westcoast-oseh.com
Contact:  [email protected]



EUCACH European Coalition Against Covert Harassment
Website:  eucach.org


ADVHER – Association de Dèfense des Victimes de Harcèlement Electromagnètique et en Réseau (Association Defending Electromagnetic and Organized Stalking Victims)


Betroffenengruppe für TIs in Deutschland
For TIs in Germany and other German-speaking countries, including Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy
Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://bftid.mind-control-news.de


On Target
Website:  www.ontarget.co.cc
Email:  [email protected]

ICAACT – International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies
Website:  www.icaact.org

Initiative gegen elektromagnetische Folter
Harald Brems
Website:  http://e-waffen.de
Fone:  +49 151 10472109

IRMAETOS – International Resistance Movement Against Electronic Torture & Organized Stalking
Website:  irmaetos.org
Email:  [email protected]


Associazione contro ogni forma di controllo ed interferenza mentale e neurofisiologica 
ex Associazione Vittime armi elettroniche-mentali
Website:  www.associazionevittimearmielettroniche-mentali.org

The Netherlands

Stopeg Foundation
Peter Mooring
Past. van Roesselstraat 29
4631 ET Hoogerheide

Website:  http://www.stopeg.com
Email:  [email protected]
Cellphone: +31 6 4124 3030
Telephone: +31 164 610 218
Email: [email protected]


STOPZET – Stop Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom
Website:  www.stopzet.org
Contact email:  [email protected]


Acoso Organizado y Electrónico
Pilar Cucalon, Spanish Translator
Website:  www.acoso-organizado.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=122312334464838&v=info
Email:  [email protected]

Controle Físico da Mente
A non-governmental organization, disseminating mind control techniques in the Portuguese and Spanish languages.
Website (in Portuguese):  https://sites.google.com/site/controlemental


Society for Brain Integrity in Sweden
Website:  http://www.svegritet.se/

United Kingdom

Covert Harassment UK
Manchester, England
Website:  www.covertharassment.org
For more info, please contact:  Ana B. Fernandez Alvarez
Email:  [email protected]   Phone: 00447801292648


India (and Nepal)

Facebook: India TIs

Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal
Raju Thapa, President
Email:  [email protected]
Website:   http://www.apfanews.com/torture-killing-me-softly/


Technology Crime Victims’ Network
Terukatsu Ishibashi, Chairman of the Board
Telephone & Fax:  03-5212-4611
Website:  http://www.geocities.jp/[email protected]
Email:  [email protected]


Malaysia Techno Crime and Mind Harassment Victim
Facebook group name:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/omaimhreem/

Nara Subra
Telephone:  6019 357 5379
email:  [email protected]

New Zealand

Organised Crime of Covert Electronic Assault Stalking & Surveillance NZ
Website for NZ TIs: www.organised-crime-of-covert-electronic-assault-nz.com/


Moscow Housing Ecology Committee
Website:  http://moscomeco.narod.ru/e.htm


United States of America (USA)

The ITNJ – International Tribunal for Natural Justice (main site, Constitution & Treaty)  https://www.itnj.org/

PACTS, International non-profit organization  http://www.pactsntl.org/

Targeted Justice non-profit (2,000 + members, class-action lawsuit  https://www.targetedjustice.com/

Freedom for Targeted Individuals non-profit, Ella Free and Dr. Matthew Aaron  https://www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org/

Targeted America non-profit  https://www.targetedamerica.com/

Targeting Evidence  https://www.targetedevidence.com/

World Coalition Against Covert Harassment

General Manager: Magnus Olsson
Email: [email protected]



Soul Painting by LOTUS Provider, Jane Evershed


We wish you radiant health and wellness on this journey to healing, peace, reconciliation & absolution.

Gratitude in Grace from your LOTUS Initiative Providers

With an ocean of thanks to all of our many volunteers tirelessly serving humanity.


The ITNJ Judicial Commissions







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