World Health Sovereignty Summit ’23


Launched (streamed & recorded LIVE) on September 11 of 2023 by host and panel moderator Sacha Stone with renowned guests Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Del Bigtree and Dr. Naomi Wolf, the World Health Sovereignty Summit (WHSS) continues through October, finishing in November 2023.

WHSS 2023 is not just an event – it’s a revolution.

Join us as we bring together leading experts in medicine, law, academia and activism to challenge norms, uncover hidden narratives, and ignite critical change. This on-going event explores global topics of truth, disclosure, sovereignty and consciousness – resulting in groundbreaking resolutions and innovative ideas to preserve sovereignty. 


Your NewEarth University (NEU) Co-founding Chancellor, Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash was invited to participate along with with many other worldwide luminaries.

An esteemed spiritual teacher and visionary, she shares a profound understanding of meta-spiritual systems and unwavering commitment to holistic education, having successfully guided NEU in cultivating innovative UN-Learning / Learning pedagogy that is desperately needed today as we’ve been engulfed by corrupt – and criminal – main-stream academia.

In her recorded message, Dr. Ash explores the rich history of the WHSS, shedding light on its pivotal role in promoting global health awareness. Her wisdom illuminates the path for those aspiring to improve their well-being and make a positive impact on the global community at-large.  


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