Dr Raman Gokal, MBChB, MD, FRCP, FASN (Faculty, Fellow)

Health & Wellness Professor, Senior Advisor School of Health & Wellness

Professor Dr. Raman Gokal, MBChB, MD, FRCP, FASN ~ Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist (ret) University of Manchester and Royal Infirmary, Manchester UK.

(2024) Regenesis Academy Professor and Senior Advisor at the School of Health & Wellness, NewEarth University (NEU) 

Professor Dr. Raman Gokal was born in Zimbabwe to Hindu parents and studied in the Universities in Zimbabwe and Oxford, UK (the latter under a Rhodes scholarship at Balliol College – the first Asian from Africa to get this prestigious award). He has practised in Manchester UK for 25 years as a Consultant Physician in Renal Medicine at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and as a Professor of Medicine at University of Manchester. Dr. Gokal is now retired and resides in Canada.

In his professional life, he has been very active in the field of nephrology, excelling in teaching, research, and clinical work. Professor Raman Gokal was frequently invited to be a speaker at national and international meetings and was a visiting Professor and examiner to universities in India, USA, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Gokal has written 3 textbooks on Dialysis, over 250 peer-reviewed articles in journals and many chapters in the leading textbooks of renal medicine. He also held positions on many Dept. of Health, Royal College of Physician, National and International Renal Associations.

Dr. Raman’s background and upbringing were that of an orthodox Hindu. Living in England provided him with an in-depth vision of life in the western world. This combination has given him a broad-based understanding of the varied cultures and way of life in many parts of the world. Since his retirement, Raman Gokal has been deeply involved in alternative/complementary approaches to healthcare (Yoga, Pranayam, Ayurveda, Quantum frequencies and healing, reflexology, DC acupressure, Reiki, etc.) and incorporates these into his teachings, research, and caring/healing philosophy. He is not presently in active-practice, but devotedly continues his life-work through teaching.

Prof. Gokal believes that all religions portray similar ideals – the differences are man-made and the basis of many of today’s worldly problems. He also wants to bridge the divide between ancient wisdom and modern science; his extensive professional and diverse background places him well to do so.

Dr. Raman’s vision, for being part of the NEU ecosystem as a faculty member and fellow with the School of Health and Wellness, is to enhance the awareness of who we truly are; that we all are willing and worthy to be healed; and that we are all capable of healing ourselves by letting go of old, entrenched modern beliefs. The doctor is one who teaches his patients how to heal themselves by incorporating holistic, ancient wisdoms into this practice and fulfil ones mission in life.

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