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(2024) As a fractal of the greater NewEarth Movement, the worldwide online NewEarth University (NEU) remains committed to honoring its premise to provide a sacred, creative playground of open-sourced wisdom for all. 

NEU uses a metric of Zero-Point Learning: UN-Learning & Learning the pure-truth of sovereignty, harmony and peace. Pure-truth and right-action are the coordinates of the NewEarth frequency, which is here – now. As you browse this inspiring portal discover organic core content: wisdom-knowledge as resources offered by NEU’s six (6) schools and free Library — ALL accessible at your pace, anytime, as an inspiring Self-Teach Model.

Note: At this time NEU requires no in-depth University application & application fee or membership or subscription fees to join its new-paradigm conscious academic community. Some curriculum is fee-based; some is complimentary.


How to Study at NEU‍

Getting Started – Creating Your NewEarth Account

Important: Please Follow Protocols Carefully

* Step 1 Create your (free) NewEarth account by submitting a completed form to the University

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UN-Learning & Learning Symposium Panel at NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival, Indonesia, 2017


* Step 2 Browse curriculum after opening a student account. See offerings at Main Menu (pull down list) under Courses .. hover & click to enter a Course Page you’re interested to study.

* Step 3 Enroll in curriculum following a teacher’s protocols (red text-prompts) When a workshop or course tuition-enrollment is complete you’ll receive NEU’s auto-email. Return (logged in) to your teacher’s page where you enrolled & click the teacher’s blue access button. That’s it. REAL learning … essential as the ABCs

  • UN-Learn & Learn through a variety of complimentary mini-course tutorials; workshops; in-depth courses; programs and special events from NEU’s 6 Schools

  • Visit your free library… it’s a rabbit hole.

So, if you still haven’t created an account, you’ll need to open one first. To accomplish that, submit a simple form with your accurate credentials filled-in: *** Click HERE ***

Note: We do not accept accounts created for others; any type of fake account is problematic and removed. Your one account allows you access into courses, workshops, programs, etc. that you have enrolled in. In a conscious action of joining, you align with a planetary metric of sovereignty, harmony and peace. NEU does not sell or share names. 

STUDY PROTOCOL Access for study is directly linked into student account credentials. Carefully follow directions at any pages, especially text-prompts in red and you’ll navigate this ecosystem well. Thank you.

Some courses, workshops, special programs, etc. that require administrative facilitators and/or IT support may require tuition (fees). Each offering guides you to easy payment methods. Note: NEU accepts PayPal… or Stripe for credit cards unless the curriculum is complimentary.

Student email inquiries go to NEU’s Administration team:


For many years pioneers from all walks of life have aligned in service at the NewEarth University to share their gifts, talents, and toolkit content throughout this unique new-paradigm platform with developing (2025) on-site campus venue at the NewEarth Laguna Sanctuary in Bacalar, Mexico (Yucatan).

NEU Co-founding Chancellor, Dr Ash, presents a symposium talk, Altruistically Building Community, NE Festival-Bali, 2017



All is offered to you in the spirit of altruism, in service from the heart.

An ocean of gratitude to our many faculty members, fellows, administration team and affiliates for creating new-paradigm curriculum in their respective areas of expertise.

And an ocean of thanks to ALL in service at the greater NewEarth Movement (NewEarth Project 2.0) and NewEarth Horizon working behind-the-scenes to gather and collate the best resources in the form of unprecedented symposiums, summits, retreats, web shows, news programs, courses, workshops, lectures, research documents, white-papers, articles, books, digital magazines, documentaries, videos, architectural renderings, powerpoint presentations, meditations, music, dance, art, poetry, photography, graphics, performances, etc. – all expressions of our NewEarth ethos: the ABCs of Art, Beauty and Consciousness.

Heartfelt thanks for ongoing dedication in engendering a NewEarth frequency fully manifested for all sentient beings.


Curriculum ~ Winter Semester 2024 (Feb – May)

REAL History Workshop by Dave Emery (Replay)

Retrieving Autistic Children by Rima E. Laibow, MD (Workshop Replay)

Future of Medicine – Applied Integrative BioPhysics – Workshop by Dr. Sandra Michael (Replay)

Lifelong Impact of Our Prenatal Life Course by Laura Uplinger & Carla Machado (Class Replays)

Vesica Institute Spiritual Sciences Courses by Dr. Robert Gilbert

Painting From The Soul Intro Workshop by Jane Evershed (Replay)

Holistic Art From A – Z Course by Jane Evershed (Class Replays)

UCC: How to Own Your Strawman / 2 Workshops by Bibi Bacchus (Replays)

Animal Healing Workshop by Nicole Pinter-Krainer (Replay)

Scalar Tech School – Quantum Medicine Course by Dr. Don Paris

Victim & Criminal Profiling Workshop by Carine Hutsebaut (Replay)

Living Eco Homes & Water Abundance Courses by Alosha’s BioVeda Academy

Seven Sisters Mystery School Courses by Dr. Marguerite

UCC 5-week Intro Course: How to Own Your Strawman by Bibi Bacchus (TBA)

Return to Agapi Workshop & Course by Maria Benardis (Replays)

Pendulum Mapping Workshop by Dr. Swan Montague (Replay)

and more …


thank you for visiting today

may you be inspired on this heroic journey to oneness

see you in one of NEU’s digital classrooms!


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