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How to Study at NEU‍ in ’22


STEP 1  ~ Create your free NewEarth Account

    • You’ll use those EXACT credentials for NEU log-in to ACCESS content and for ALL NEU correspondence.

    • Do not use different email addresses than the one on your account.

    • Students must use their real full name; do not use a fake name or nickname on the account.

    • IMPORTANT: If you already created a NewEarth account before… that’s great, you’re ready for enrollment / access. Do not open another account.

    • Students may only have ONE account in our data base – thank you!

    • Create Account



UN-Learning Symposium Panel at NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival, Indonesia, 2017

After you’ve opened a NewEarth account:


Review offerings at NEU’s Main Menu (pull-down) under COURSES … hover to access curricula



Enroll, following your instructor’s key text-prompts in red. 


Return to NEU (where you enrolled) and click your instructor’s ACCESS BUTTON.


That’s it! REAL learning… essential as the ABCs.

    • Learn through a variety of mini-courses, courses, workshops and special events, etc. offered online through NEU’s 6 Schools

    • Check out your free Library (a rabbit hole!)


So, if you haven’t created a NewEarth account yet, you need to open one first for access. To accomplish that Click HERE

Having an account with NewEarth gives you access to courses, workshops, etc. since the NewEarth University (NEU) is the worldwide learning arm of the overarching NewEarth Horizon and NewEarth movement founded by Sacha Stone. With this conscious action you are aligned with our planetary metric of sovereignty and peace.

Some courses, workshops, and consultations (which require Administrative Facilitators and IT) may necessitate payment. Each offering will guide you to easy tuition-payment methods unless it’s complimentary.

If you have a question, please email a detailed inquiry, subject line: NEU Curriculum Inquiry, Attn. NEU Chancellor at: [email protected]


Pioneers from all walks of life are aligned in service at the NewEarth University to share their gifts, talents, and toolkit content throughout this interactive learning platform and developing (2022-23) on-site campus venues at the NewEarth Sanctuary in Lake Bacalar, Mexico; and NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia.


NEU Chancellor, Dr Nancy Ash, presents a symposium talk, Altruistically Building Community, NEFestival-Bali, 2017


All is offered to you in the spirit of altruism, in service from the heart.

An ocean of gratitude for our faculty, fellows, administration and affiliates for creating new-paradigm curriculum in their respective areas of expertise.

And many thanks to ALL volunteers at NewEarth Horizon and the NewEarth movement working behind-the-scenes to collate the best resources in the form of articles, research documents, white-papers, books, lectures, web-shows, documentaries, videos, architectural renderings, powerpoint presentations, meditations, music, poetry, photography, art, etc. – all expressions of our NewEarth ethos: the ABCs of art, beauty and consciousness.

Heartfelt thanks for ongoing dedication in engendering a NewEarth frequency for all sentient beings.



thank you for visiting today

may you be inspired on this heroic journey to oneness

see you in our digital classroom!



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