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*** New Tutorial from Jane Evershed, faculty at NEU’s School of The Living Arts.  InJoy her stunning 26-min art teaching, What is Creation Currency? Un-learn & learn about vibrational wealth through art while viewing dozens of Jane’s beauty-full paintings. An ocean of thanks to Jane for her generous contribution with this beauty-full video tutorial. Visit her NEU Course Page: Painting From The Soul to study with this Master Artist. Her unique online Workshop and 4-week Course: Holistic Art From A – Z is available for open enrollment.







*** Gift from Sri Jana, faculty at the School of Health & Wellness, your 5-min. (short version) White Light Meditation:




Join Sri Jana at her NEU Digital Classroom: SPIRIT MEDICINE. To learn more about her curriculum, visit Main Menu – Courses / Spirit Medicine Page:




*** Translated into Spanish, French & Brazilian Portuguese at the NEU Library – NEU COVID-19 WHITEPAPER compiled and written by Thomas Brown, NEU Science Director/Fellow


NEU Whitepaper on Covid-19 Global Situation


*** Translated into Spanish, French & Brazilian Portuguese at the NEU Library – NEU COVID-19 INTELLIGENCE BRIEF compiled and written by Thomas Brown, NEU Science Director/Fellow


NEU Intelligence Brief on Covid-19 Global Situation






*** Gifts by Dr Swan Montague, NEU Faculty, School of Consciousness & Spirituality, free downloads: 

NEU_Complimentary_Dr Swan Montague_COSMIC REBIRTH OF THE NEW EARTH-3

NEU Complimentary eBook_Rev Dr Swan Montague_SPIRIT OF DISEASE


Join Swan at her NEU Digital Classroom: Divine Light Training. To learn more about her curriculum, visit Main Menu – Courses / Divine Light Training Page:






*** UCC: How to Own Your Strawman by Bibi Bacchus, NEU School of Natural Law Faculty. Learn from this inspiring, eye-opening 40-min. film gifted by Sacha Stone introducing Bibi explaining the basics of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – how to kill and then own “your strawman.” 150,000 + people like you have learned from this program:



Join Bibi’s Digital Classroom: To learn more about her NEU curriculum, go to Main Menu – Courses / UCC: Own Your Strawman Page:




*** Human Attachment Project (Phase 1 – Birthing the Future) Master Class, 6-part video series gifted to you by author & visionary Suzanne Arms, conscious birth pioneer, faculty of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness – discipline of Conscious Birth & Dying. An inspiring mini-course featuring her teaching on-site in Colorado, USA.

CLICK LINK Birthing the Future – Part 1  (Course auto-plays into parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) *** Note: Link takes you out of NEU’s website

Designed for anyone who cares about the state of humanity and seeks a less unhappy & violent world: thriving not coping! – parents-to-be, parents, elders, grandparents, precious youth and those wishing to enhance the human condition – this course took nine months to create, filmed with l!ve audiences and edited into a quality learning experience.
In Suzanne’s words, “The series will inform and inspire you, regardless of age, gender, profession, etc… and whether or not you’ve ever had – or have, will have or work with – children, parents, families. AND although they are visual, you can just listen to them, as you would a podcast!”











*** Aligning with HeartSelf-Intelligence by Margret Rueffler, PhD, faculty senior advisor, NEU School of Consciousness & Spirituality. InJoy a meditation video (intro to her 7-module course).

Access Befriending the Heart, Part 1  

*** Note: Link takes you out of NEU’s website

The Psychology of the “HeartSelf-Intelligence” presumes the inherent potential of infinite intelligence as the birthright of each. In many beings this is latent and its abundance and wealth is waiting to be expressed. Allowed to unfold and flow… this involves a conscious choice to align with one’s birthright.











*** Busting the Myths by Thomas Joseph Brown, NEU Fellow & Science Director, School of Science & Design Innovation

This lecture was recorded live at NewEarth Haven-Bali (2.5 hour video) 8,000 + folks have studied this program.

TBA – Our channel was censored, then de-platformed! LINK

Thomas deconstructs the primary myths of our time: Big Bang, Black Holes, the Expanding Universe, Flat Earth, Rainbow Chakras… and more in this excursion through the realm of alternative scientific and philosophical ideas. From Tesla’s current to galactic plasmas, orientation of thought to perception of living energies like Reich’s Orgone, practical examples of new technology are discussed, e.g., Trevor James Constable’s etheric weather engineering (utilizing geometric orgone accumulators), and bio-architecture principles used in the NewEarth movement. (Hosted by Sacha Stone, founder of Humanitad and its juggernaut initiative, the NewEarth Project.)





*** Arks of Fire, a mini-course on ancient Agnihotra by Dr. Ann Ralles, Faculty Advisor at NEU’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology championing the Arks of Fire Initiative through the school’s discipline: Ecology & Regeneration.

  • 61-slide presentation with audio (30-min video format)

  • 5,000 + folks like you have learned about Agnihotra from this mini-course










*** Tendon Attachment Therapy Course by Dr Mikael Nordfors, MD ~ longtime NEU Fellow, School of Health & Wellness  8,474 students have studied this 11-part video course


Audio & Video Training Parts 1 – 11 (should flow as auto-play)

*** Note: Links take you out of NEU’s website

CLICK link to take the course:

Part 2 – How it Works

Part 3 – Pressure Techniques

Part 4 – Stomach Muscles

Part 5 – Back and Gluteal Muscles

Part 6 – The Thigh

Part 7 – Knee, Shank and Feet

Part 8 – Neck Muscles

Part 9 – Shoulder and Chest

Part 10 – The Arm

Part 11 – The Head

Tendon Attachment Therapy is a way to treat chronic muscle tensions. It’s an old-school approach with roots leading back to Alexander the Great’s doctors of Ancient Macedonia. Via India and the Chinese tradition of Wing Tsun, it returned to Europe where the German therapists, Liebsherr & Bracht, developed (what they named) LNB Pain Therapy, now used by thousands of trained therapists in Germany, especially in sports medicine. Enjoy taking this course; may you be free of pain.






*** Breath-O-Matics: a mini-course in Breath Consciousness by Desmond Green, NEU Fellow associated with the School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Breath is life. Breathing correctly is not only important for living longer, but also to have a good mood while performing at your best. In this short course, explore the benefits of deep breathing and why you should make it part of everyday living.








*** Homeopathic Cell Salts: Empowering Gems of Restoration & Health, a mini-course by Dr. Jayne Marquis, ND, Faculty at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness


*** Note: Link takes you out of NEU’s website

14-parts online CLICK to access / study: Cell Salts eCourse




Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the philosophy that “like cures like,” or “similar must be cured by similar.” Homeopathy’s miracle lies in its ability to treat the mental and emotional body and physical disease in tandem. As a result, homeopathy is truly holistic. Cell salts are homeopathic preparations of certain mineral compounds, which are found within all living things.








Enjoy these gifts and stay-tuned for more …


In 2023… Environmental Science 101 by Gail Bennington. A series of power-point presentations, including topics: Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Soils, Evolutionary Change

Rio Grande Photo courtesy of Dr N Ash, from her private collection


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