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NewEarth University is the paradigm-shifting learning community of the NewEarth Project, which unites ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talents and gifts, so that together we shall manifest a new earth of peace

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Discover inspirational content to engender a new way of being: meaningful resources, articles, videos, PDFs, our two digital magazines, educational Web TV programs, Mp3s, blogs, lectures, practices, performances, art, photos and website links… all life-changing creative tools from a planetary metric of sovereignty and peace.

As you browse this portal enjoy learning from each School’s organic core content and toolkits: wisdom-knowledge gathered and offered freely—accessible at your pace, anytime as an inspiring self-teach model. Also available are complimentary and fee-based comprehensive eCourses, Webinars and Workshops to enrich your life.

Explore and participate in ground-breaking initiatives, arising from dedicated Souls of all ages in all walks of life working harmoniously as change-agents for a new earth. Global projects, varied in scope and focus, are implemented by an amalgamation of conscious people articulating a unique vision with strategies for ONEness.

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Enjoy Kaleidoscope Web TV from NewEarth University (NEU). Conscious conversations from A – Z, Alchemy to Zero-Point… full-spectrum educational programs hosted by NEU’s Director, Dr. Nancy Ash. You’re one-click away from inspiring, cutting-edge shows with great minds of today.

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