newearth university
school of socio-economics & ecology

clearing pathways for unlimited abundance

while architecting the harmonic shift to a global gift-economy

that honors whole-system harvesting and regeneration of nature’s rich resources


NewEarth University’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology was created to facilitate broad-spectrum research and development, and create curricula by its esteemed faculty and fellows to engage in this seminal planetary conversation: Establishment of a flourishing global gift-economy that is ecologically anchored in harmonic and regenerative natural resources. The School is comprised of two disciplines, inextricably bound to architect a major shift: Ecology & Regeneration, and, Re-Sourced Economy.

We honor the abundant Earth – she is sacred.  HER currency is our currency.


As simple participants (human beings) in this sentient ecosystem, we aspire to fulfill the noble mission of the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology by:

  • Developing and implementing cutting-edge curriculum to inform the global conversation on a re-sourced gift-economy
  • Researching the best resources to embed in the free NEU Library  
  • Creating and sharing a comprehensive toolkit from the School’s two disciplines of Re-Sourced Economy and Ecology & Regeneration

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