Gratitude for Your Interest to Study at NEU

(2022) As a fractal of the greater NewEarth Horizon / NewEarth movement, the worldwide online NewEarth University (NEU) remains committed to honoring its premise to provide a creative playground of open-sourced wisdom for all.

NEU is all about UN-learning; and, learning the pure-truth.

Pure-truth & right-action are the coordinates of the NewEarth frequency.

As you browse this inspiring portal discover organic core content: wisdom-knowledge as resources offered by NEU’s six (6) schools and FREE Library — accessible at your pace, anytime, as an inspiring Self-Teach Model.

NEU requires no University application and application fee or any membership or subscription fees to join our new-paradigm conscious learning community.

Some curriculum is fee-based; some is complimentary.


Getting Started – Creating Your NewEarth Account

You’ll need an account (free) with NewEarth to access curriculum offerings.

Students use their exact NE Account Credentials to ACCESS curriculum at this website once they have enrolled successfully.

*** IMPORTANT: Students must use their REAL name. Do NOT use any type of fake name or nickname on your account as this is very problematic for Professors, Instructors and Administration, especially if there is ever an issue with your tuition, etc.

*** ALSO: If you created an account with NewEarth before … do NOT open another. Multiple accounts will be deleted.

Students may only have ONE NewEarth Account maintained in our data base – thank you! 

*** ALL correspondence to NEU must MATCH the functioning email address on your NE Account.


University Enrollment is an easy process accomplished by clicking here.

Note: The NewEarth University does not sell email addresses. 

Some courses, workshops, classes and consultations (which require a NEU Administrative Facilitator and/or IT-related Teamwork) may necessitate tuition-payment.

Each offering will guide you to its tuition payment method.


If you already have created your account, that’s great, you are ready to study …

Go to NEU’s Main-menu COURSES pull-down menu to select an offering and enjoy UN-learning and Re-learning with faculty from around the world.

*** IMPORTANT FOR COURSE ACCESS: For access and study, log in at this University through your NE Account credentials used for enrollment (ensure you’re properly logged in first, especially if using a brand-new device or various other devices like smartphones, tablets, etc). Go “full-circle” – simply return to where you enrolled and click your instructor’s access button.

*** Follow ALL text-prompt protocols for study at this University, especially any text in red.

Curriculum is organically evolving so please stay-tuned for upcoming cutting-edge workshops & courses.


We welcome your suggestions and quality submissions to be featured on this portal. In alignment with our philosophy, Affiliates are warmly welcomed for consideration. Please email a detailed letter of inquiry; subject line:

COURSES ATTN NEU Chancellor  [email protected]


Newer Curriculum ~ 2022

UCC: How to Own Your Strawman 5-week Intro Course by Bibi Bacchus (Winter Semester ONLY)

Painting From The Soul Workshop by Jane Evershed

Spirit Medicine Workshop by Sri Jana

Future of Medicine Scalar Tech Workshop by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Seven Sisters Mystery School Courses by Dr. Marguerite

Yamas & Niyamas Workshop by Linda Yelton

Return to Agapi Intro Workshop by Maria Benardis

Pendulum Mapping Workshop by Dr. Swan Montague

Victim Criminal Profiling Workshop & Course by Carine Hutsebaut

Living Eco Homes & Water Abundance Courses by BioVeda Academy

Scalar Tech Quantum Medicine Course by Dr. Don Paris

Power Dharma Course by Lama D


Q2 2023 ~ Soft-Launch of NEU-MEXICO, a NewEarth University Campus 

Q4 2023 ~ Launch of NEU-BALI, Symposium Exhibition Center at the NewEarth Haven – Indonesia

(Due to the challenges of a continuing global crisis there may be delays in these actual launch timelines.)

Stay-tuned  …



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