Lewis Montague (Faculty)

Lewis Montague comes from an entrepreneurial background and has been a longtime friend to the NewEarth movement. He was also an inaugural trustee for the ITNJ – The International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Over the past 20 years he has become very involved in the health industry. Lewis is managing director of a Health company with a focus covering degenerative disease and iatrogenics. He speaks passionately on health issues (especially cancer) in the natural treatments world and has taken up speaking engagements abroad as well as in the UK.

Lewis Montague is determined to bring to humanity the world of natural treatments using scientific research, as needed. He strongly believes that a major change in approach is required, but appreciates the massive challenge ahead to achieve that change. Lewis lectures on one of his passions: the “myth of protein” – the pandemic sweeping the Western World being ignored by the establishment. His ambition is also to put the NewEarth University on the map as a leading proponent of justice for The People by having unfettered choice in their healing treatments.

Lewis Montague has been – and still is – an active sportsman playing squash, tennis and badminton. His level of fitness is high as he still practices a number of martial arts, achieving the status of British Kyokushinkai Champion on two occasions. Apart from Karate, he has been practicing Iaido (drawing of the samurai sword) for the last 15 years, including training in Japan.

In 2019 he championed the worldwide narrative for natural treatments to eradicate cancer in the film, The Business of Cancer, by seasoned journalist and broadcaster, Sonia Poulton:


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