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Dear Students, Welcome back. Thank you for interest to study REAL History with me at NEU.

Explore history and the hidden physics of duality:
How the duality of belief has shaped the ‘Story’ of Our Civilised World

NEW! REAL History Workshop Replay

The Hidden Heart of History

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Meet Your Teacher

David Emery, Fellow at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

David Emery was born in Ireland a little after the Second World War but moved to England at the age of seven. His youth was captivated by three things; history, mystery and tennis and after university he became a national and international tennis pro and then a fitness-trainer.

25 years later he was a teacher of English and History at various levels and now he is a writer. David has written a number of books from children’s stories to historical novels and is now currently writing his latest entitled, ‘Beyond the Biblical’. He calls it ‘the history we were never told about!’

A frequent popular guest of NewEarth Horizon’s Lazarus Initiative, David became a Fellow of the NewEarth University in 2022 to share his important body of work (writings / teachings) which align with NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality. He is now delighted to present you with a unique online Workshop based on his latest historical research.


Why Study REAL History?

UN-learn & learn the sacred truth of our pre-ancient beliefs



Today it is clear that there is a duality of view in countless areas of our belief-systems, worldwide, in every culture and in every nation, and the huge expansion of geo-social communication has served only to shine many searchlights upon this once-secret duality of consciousness.

Together, we shall examine how two wholly disparate angles-of-vision about Humanity and its history, one hidden and deliberately ignored and the other presented as truth and as incontrovertibly factual, have danced in and out of our awareness for at least 12 thousand years. I present very broadly, the following ‘dualities’:


1. A. How Humanity is alleged to have ‘evolved’ from tree-dwellers into space-pioneers’ and out of ‘The Stone Age’ and into the age of ‘modern’ man.

B. How Humanity is actually the descendant of a vastly complex and highly technical past-history involving many off-planet visitations and lifestyles that far exceed in longevity, health and resource anything experienced since and even, today.


2. C. How all aspects of ‘energetic-return’ from the creation of ‘money’ to the production of ‘fossil-fuels’ for survival of civilisation has created a closed-system of ‘primordial-debt’ these last 12 thousand years fostering a belief in lack and a fear of destruction, all controlled by the hands of an elite core of patriarchs.

D. How the natural open-system of abundance has always allowed ‘wealth’ in spirit and physical well-being to flourish in a close and sacred alignment with Earth and the Sacred.


3. E. How the last 12 thousand years have delivered a belief-system based on the ‘Original Sin’ (of Man) and of obedience to a ‘god’ or ‘gods’ which command devotion and an undeniable sense of ‘separation’ in Humanity.

F. How in the deep past both ‘God’ or ‘The Source-of-All’ were in collaboration WITH Humanity and how each individual knew himself or herself AS an ineffable and inseparable aspect of that source.


4. G. How ‘science’ of the last 12 thousand years has developed into a largely (not totally) but largely, closed system of belief in finite life and of entropy and of the prevalence of a slowly declining availability of energy.

And H, how in fact, the pre-ancient beliefs were of a naturally open system of abundance and infinite and expanding energy aligned with the expansion of consciousness leading to a natural evolution of both matter-form and spirit.


These pre-ancient beliefs are returning as we write and speak …

and the closed systems of the last ‘Stone-Age’ are slowly dissolving, along with the energies of the closed system,

which has held sway in our local universe for millions of years.



Online Workshop for You 2023

This (recorded live) Workshop Replay has OPEN ENROLLMENT


An Introduction to REAL History:

The Hidden Heart of History

Join Dave Emery (recorded LIVE) in NEU’s Digital Classroom


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Workshop Fundamentals

  • What is Real history?

  • Humanity’s evolution (duality perspectives)

  • Open systems of abundance vs. a closed-system

  • “Scientific” entropy development

  • Belief systems (pre-ancient beliefs) 

  • Our next steps?



What You Receive 

  • 2.5 hour Workshop (English) 

    • Recorded LIVE on Zoom by NEU’s School of C & S

    • 24/7 Video-replay Access at Dave’s Workshop Page;

    • Note: Replay is not downloadable, so you won’t own it.

  • Downloadable PDFs at David’s Workshop Page


What You Need

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  • Ability to navigate NEU for all content / study

  • Notepad/journal and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes/doodle as inspired.

  • It’s suggested to use a desktop or laptop computer for viewing / downloading PDFs – your choice.

    • Computer may provide a better experience than small phones / tablet devices.

  • Access to a printer (optional to print PDFs)






  • Workshop has open enrollment for ALL

  • Workshop was recorded by NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

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An Introduction to REAL History:

The Hidden Heart of History

Join Dave Emery (recorded LIVE) for his Workshop


Your Tuition: $75.oo USD



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Workshop Welcome Page: PDFs, Replay






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