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Dear Students, Welcome back to my Spirit Medicine Course Page. Thank you for your interest to study with me.


A Toolset for Strategic Inner Focus

OPEN enrollment ~ Your tuition: $50 USD

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Meet Your Instructor

Sri Jana, instructor on the faculty at NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness


Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy is an intuitive medium, channel, MBA, author, and Buddhist practitioner. Her spiritual training includes 50 years of meditation under Swami Rudrananda, aka Rudi, and Tibetan Lama Tshering Wangdu Rinpoche. She holds degrees in Opera and MBA from Indiana University. 
Sri Jana is vitally interested in curating the body and mind for spiritual ascension. The author of two cookbooks without sugar, flour, or glycemic sweeteners: Paleo Desserts and Good Morning Paleo, her website, JanesHealthyKitchen.com, won the 2021 Global Awards for “Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America” by Corp Today Magazine.
Through the School of Health & Wellness she brings to the NewEarth University broad-spectrum, life-enhancing curriculum. Sri Jana’s upcoming works include, Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master; and Heal Your Past Lives. She lives in Bali, Indonesia with her Bhutanese husband, Lama D, who teaches on the NEU faculty in the School of Consciousness and Spirituality. She does distance healing sessions and writes two weekly blogs at FiveSeasonsMedicine.com and JanesHealthyKitchen.com.



Why Study with Sri Jana at NEU?

We live in times of radical change and upheaval. This bring great opportunity for expanding awareness and ascension to those who are positive, flexible, and resilient. Spiritual techniques that once took hundreds of years to master, can now be assimilated in minutes. My objective in these workshops and in-depth courses is to show you specific tools of a highly refined and advanced nature, based on ancient wisdom and modern concepts. With these you can purify the mind and build your spiritual muscles to enable you to take the next powerful steps in your unique path.


Available for You Now

Online Workshop

with Sri Jana recorded LIVE


SPIRIT MEDICINE: 3 White Light Meditations ~ A Toolset for Strategic Inner Focus

White Light Meditations 1, 2, and 3 are about turning on the lights. These are channeled techniques based on my 50+ years of meditation practice. White Light Meditation number one is about Breath, Root, and Protection. The second White Light Meditation will show you many secrets of Eastern medicine before it was influenced by Western concepts. We integrate early cellular development with your deepest destiny by bringing light into the Extraordinary Channels, special organs, and the Five Vital Substances including the DNA, Pineal and Amygdala emotional centers. We activate the special substances that make the physical body alive. The third White Light Meditation is an encounter with the multi-dimensional, a non-linear reality unlimited by the physical. We cultivate cosmic intelligence through visualizations and a chant. We use breath, relaxation, and a little humor to allow all this to come into our moment. Most people take years to arrive at this level, however we are going to do it in a little more than 2-hours. Because now is the time.


This Workshop Will Show You How To

  • Turn on the Lights of Consciousness;
  • Build Strong Spiritual Muscles, in a workout of a body-mind-spirit to generate your own inner light;
  • Dissolve darkness and refine the mind on the path to freedom from the birth – death cycle;
  • Declare your presence as a creative participant in the multi-dimensional universe experiment;
  • Harmonize with Earth & Cosmos to build Clarity and Health;
  • Invite higher guidance into your daily life for protection and blessings every moment;
  • Live as a catalyst for spirit, a Warrior of the light;
  • Dissolve, burn through darkness and the ego;
  • Develop high-level visualization capacity and intelligence that increases over time; and,
  • Set a powerful intention to be of service to the universe, an agent of light, accruing virtue for your own path as a multi-dimensional being.


What You Receive

  • Recorded Replay of a 2-hour presentation / lecture with slides (in English)

  • 24/7 Access at NEU to Workshop Page for your downloadable PDF

  • 24/7 Access at NEU to Workshop Page for study of the embedded Workshop video-replay



Who Would Enroll?

Are you a new meditation practitioner wishing to learn the basics?
Are you an experienced meditator looking to expand your spiritual abilities?
Do you have physical illness or discomfort that you wish to heal?
Do you wish to discover your role as a Warrior of Light in the New Earth?
Are you moving beyond basic mindfulness and relaxation-based concentration techniques?
Would you like to join the inspired bringers of the Dawn?
Are you a disciplined person looking for techniques to harness your higher powers for the benefit of others?


  • There is no pre-requisite; workshop is open to all.
  • Video REPLAY is available for access / study at my Workshop Page; 
    • Note: Replay is not downloadable, therefore you won’t own the video. 
  • NEU Policy: No partial tuition or payment plans are available; there are NO refunds for Workshop REPLAYS
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What You Need

  • A NewEarth Account; credentials are used for tuition enrollment & access. If you already have an account, you’re ready to enroll; see NEU Protocols at top of this page.
  • It’s suggested to use a desktop computer or laptop for viewing:
    • A computer may provide a better learning experience than small smartphones or tablet devices. The option is yours.
  • Notepad / journal and pencil / pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired.
  • To learn about Sri Jana, you may read her article in NEU’s Library: https://newearth.university/resources/top-10-ascension-tools-for-starseeds-by-sri-jana-article/


Why Take a Spirit Medicine Workshop?

This online experience is designed to be catalyst for the next big leap in your path. It offers powerful, practical techniques to bring higher energy into your body-mind-spirit. The results are limitless and they depend only on you to integrate your passion and personal destiny. We use relaxed concentration and diagrams to integrate wisdom of the body-mind-spirit. The process is innocent and childlike, beyond words, beyond concepts infusing joy in the process of personal ascension.

We activate a series of living focus points to awaken the natural destiny frequencies in the multi-dimensional human anatomy. We move step by step through the body structure into the infinite. These are your tools to continue to develop.




3 White Light Meditations ~ A Toolset for Strategic Inner Focus

Taught by Sri Jana ~ Your Tuition: $50 USD


* How to Study with Sri Jana (2-steps) *




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Workshop Page has downloadable PDF & video replay




“Srijana, thank you for your myriad classes. Finally, I begin to see how they all work together. The Six-Step Harmonization, the White Light Meditations, Qigong, Craniosacral therapy, Chants, and Trauma release are all pieces of a multi-dimensional puzzle inviting each of us to put it together in our own way.”  ~ Mira A.
“Srijana, thank you for facilitating a new perspective and a shift in my life path. I feel my heart and senses opening to an inner reality. The subtle realm is so much larger, and its effects are far more powerful in manifesting the material world, which I once believed to be everything. ~ Yuri B.
“Thanks for your guided Six-Step Meditation. I needed a quick and sacred way to balance my mind and prepare me for my busy day. I appreciate the intelligence of the 6 steps and hope to find the self-discipline to do it each morning.” ~ Loni T.
“Thank you, Srijana for your 3-session Kundalini training. I found the technique to be very transformative and unique from all other approaches. I already feel warm softening in my heart and connecting flow from base of spine to top of head. Marvelous and inspirational training.” ~ Peter A.


To enrolled students, Workshop Replay access above
Thank you for choosing to study at NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness
Sri Jana and NEU Administration



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