About NE University


The NewEarth University (NEU) is the online new-paradigm UN-Learning & Learning arm of NewEarth Horizon

– fractal of the greater NewEarth Movement.

Availed to all as a worldwide zero-point educational ecosystem of sovereigns,

NEU is a creative hub & chalice for wisdom-keeping and knowledge-sharing

offering new ways of being rooted in pure-truth from the heart.


UN-Learn & Learn. Heal. Evolve …



a world where the interconnectedness of all life is honored and respected,

where each take responsibility for learning,

healing, and leadership in pursuit of noble expression,

and where the capacity to love – and be loved –

is the highest note in our symphony of evolved expression



to gather, embody and share knowledge

in service of human & planetary well-being

and sovereign, creative self-expression




Painting by Faculty Member Jane Evershed, director of NEU’s School of The Living Arts


Heartfelt Connection

Through conscious heartfelt connection
we encourage leading pioneers, movements, organizations, and educational institutions
aligned and dedicated to open flow of ancient wisdom & diverse breakthrough technologies—
to collaborate in altruistic service,
to nest and flourish within the evolving NEU Schools and Initiatives.


Zero-Point Educational Pathway

A new pathway to the pure-truth through enlightened growth is not a futuristic goal;
this critical bridge is evolving here and now.

NEU’s ecosystem is a beacon of enlightenment.

We share without discrimination – dynamically bypassing old-paradigm polluted academia
and media-manipulated disinformation, which has defiled the beauty of real learning.


Core Educational Methodology (Pedagogy)

The process IS the pedagogy or methodology.
NEU’s core
Zero-Point UN-Learning & Learning exemplifies teaching & learning
while also learning & then teaching (sharing).


Catalyst for Full-Spectrum Change

The NewEarth University is host and sponsor for cutting-edge international symposia,
summits, special events and web programs.

NEU facilitates life-enhancing curricula – courses, workshops & training platforms
to support its related global initiatives: the ITNJ, the LOTUS Initiative
and greater NewEarth Project soul-family network and beyond.

Through complimentary toolkit content from its 6 Schools,
discover inspiring, practical treasures to inform full-spectrum change—in your life, for your community, and our evolving planetary condition.


Resource Repository

Your free Library of unique resources
is organically curated by passionate, seasoned scholars:

NEU faculty members, fellows & staff devoted experts in their fields of endeavor.


Real Education

NEU’s seminal zero-point curricula is designed to empower, educate, inspire, encourage, motivate

and challenge you to embrace the pure-truth of your inherent sovereignty and divinity. 

Join us on the heroic journey to a new way of being.

© NewEarth University

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