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Cutting-edge, full-spectrum curriculum in Victim & Criminal Profiling from the NewEarth University (NEU) School of Natural Law. ALL info is on THIS page with enrollment / access protocols – in red – for an online Workshop (English only).


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Intro Profiling Workshop Recording REPLAY ACCESS

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Carine’s in-depth 10 Module Training Course (or each Module, pay-as-you-go) that leads to Certification; diploma requires passing an exam from her VCPA.

Click to access NEU Victim & Criminal Profiling Training directly at her website:

Carine’s Intro Victim & Criminal Profiling NEU WORKSHOP enrollment open ↓

Time to take our world back!

Meet Your Instructor




Carine Hutsebaut (based in Belgium) is an author, ITNJ Commissioner, faculty at the NEU School of Natural Law, and a renowned, independent therapist for victims of sexual abuse as well as child sex offenders.

She has generated a treasure trove of interviews and readings on these topics through decades of work in this arena.

Carine has been called the “Clarece Starling” of the child sex abuse / human trafficking arena (Clarece is the heroic character in the eye-opening, award-winning film, Silence of the Lambs).

Profiler Résumé

Expert at the Justice Department Brussels

Practice Placement at FBI – Quantico (U.S.A.)

Academy of Behavioral Profiling –  California (U.S.A)

American University – Washington D.C. (Law & Society & Victimology) (U.S.A.)

Centre International de Sciences Criminelles – Université René Descartes Paris V.

L’école Nationale de la Magistrature (Paris)

Gracewell Institute Birmingham (U.K.)

University of Liverpool – Investigative Psychology (U.K.)

Commissioner at the (Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse Commission of Inquiry (2018 –  )



Why Study with Carine at NEU?

This is a unique opportunity to enter a new doorway to ultimate learning with a highly respected worldwide authority in this challenging field.

Veteran therapist and profiler Carine Hutsebaut has been passionate to expose the atrocities perpetrated against our children for more than 30 years. Train with a seasoned expert devoted to the upliftment of humanity. We must have courage now. We can no longer sweep this topic under the rug… It IS time to talk about it!

Carine Hutsebaut giving testimony to the ITNJ Bench during its 2018 Seating of The Commission of Inquiry Into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at Westminster Hall, London, UK



10-Module Training in Victim & Criminal Profiling at VCPAcademy

ITNJ Commissioner Hutsebaut’s in-depth training leads to your Certification Diploma (requires passing an exam) from the Academy of Victim & Criminal Profiling Training Program (Note: you must be at least 21 years of age.)

Link takes you directly to her VCPAcademy site:

Here’s what the Training offers You

  • Each Module has an introduction (video) from Carine;

  • Each Module has a workbook downloadable as PDF;

  • You may study one or all downloadable 10 Modules – it’s your choice;

  • You have access to a very private forum created by Carine;

  • You have access to a unique video featuring a l!ve therapy session (to learn how to navigate this in-depth process);

  • You receive a certificate upon successfully completing each Training Module.

  • Upon completion of an exam at the end of all 10 Modules, you will receive a Diploma from VCPAcademy

Carine is also supportive helping students to establish their own private practice (and she will refer people worldwide).

Her philosophy is that we need many skilled people doing this important work for humanity. She cannot do it alone!



  • Module 1: Ready to Work with Sex Offenders? Get Trained!

This is an overview of what skills are needed to work with victims and offenders

  • Module 2: Hurt Little Boys, Frustrated Men

This is an important workbook for men who have been damaged in childhood. It helps them recover to finally get their life back.

  • Module 3: Hurt Little Girls, Insecure Women

This Module is about the same as for men, but adapted to women.

  • Module 4: Back on Track

This is a workbook for little boys (age 6 to 12) having been abused. It’s adapted to their age; the therapist can easily go through all chapters with the child. (A workbook is also in development for little girls.)

  • Module 5: Who am I and Why Am I Here?

This is the first module for child sex offenders. (They happen to not really know who they are, so we start here.)

  • Module 6: Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion

A Workbook with tasks for the offender. Clarity for these three is important as people tend to mix them. There is a huge difference between the three feelings.

  • Module 7: Why Did I Do It Again?

Also for offenders. These are the ones who swore (after arrest) that they would never, ever “do it” again. But because nothing has been done with underlying problems, this is the group with the highest rate of relapse within the group of criminals, ie, 97 % without specialized treatment.

  • Module 8: How Can I Stop?

In this Module we teach the child sex offender how he can stop his criminal offences towards children.

  • Module 9: Evalution of Child Sex Offenders

This is a Module with a lot of psychological tests. (They are meant to give us an idea of how high the relapse rate can be.)

  • Module 10: Victims of Victims, Requiem of a Child-Killer

In this Module Carine explains the life of a gruesome child-killer in France: from the moment he’s born as an innocent little baby… to the moment he kills two little girls (age 8) and, everything in between.




For You to Study Now

Online Intro Workshop


Taught by Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut in the NEU Digital Classroom

Intro to Victim & Criminal Profiling


This online 2.5 hour training stands on its own, providing a good introduction to Carine’s theory, work, guidance and effective tools for successful victim & criminal profiling used in her practice for decades.

NOTE: This Workshop is – not – a pre-requisite for her VCPAcademy Training, yet it would help provide a very good overview to the scope of Carine’s life-work and her in-depth curriculum.

Why should I take this Introductory Workshop?


Fundamentals Taught

  • The Facts (body of successful work behind these teachings)

  • The Spirit (what it means for Your Life and the lives of the Victims & Criminals and for Society)

  • The Practice (how do you synthesize all this info?)

  • Out of The Gate: “Applications” (what’s my next step?)

  • Q & A (learn more about Carine’s in-depth Training & Certification from VCPAcademy)


What You Receive 

  • Workshop VIDEO REPLAY ACCESS AT NEU (recorded LIVE by the School of Natural Law)

    • Workshop Video is not downloadable, therefore you will not own it.

  • 2.5 hour presentation (English) with helpful student Q & A session

  • Opportunity to learn from Carine Hutsebaut

  • 11 downloadable Workshop PDFs at her Workshop Page



Intro to Victim & Criminal Profiling

Would you love to be of service to humanity?

Already working in this field? Would you like to hone your skills in this arena?

Do you wish to help others?

If you’ve felt the clarion call to dive deep into this type of work to help children, this Workshop is for You!




  • There is NO Pre-requisite required for this Workshop

    • *** NOTE: anyone OVER 21 years of age may enroll

  • You do not need any experience in this field to attend

  • Video Recording REPLAY ACCESS ONLY is available at NEU

  • NEU Policy: NO partial tuition or payment plans are available; there are no refunds for Video Replays

  • Enrollment & ACCESS Instructions 


    • You receive NEU’s confirmation email when enrollment is successfully completed

    • Go “full-circle” ~ Return to THIS PAGE, Victim Criminal Profiling Academy

      • Click Workshop ACCESS BUTTON below ↓ where you enrolled


What You Need

  • Ability to navigate your University and follow protocols *

  • Printer to print Workshop PDF Handouts

  • Notepad / journal and pencil, pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired;

  • It is suggested to use a desktop or laptop computer for viewing;

    • A computer may provide a better experience than smartphones or tablets. The option is yours

  • NEU Workshop Page * ACCESS (click below)

  • When returning to study… log-in at this University with account credentials used to enroll with.

    • If not logged-in from account credentials, the system won’t recognize that you’re enrolled. Thank you!



Online Intro Workshop


Intro to Victim & Criminal Profiling with Carine Hutsebaut

Your Tuition: $50.oo USD


** How to Study with me (2 steps) **

STEP 1 – Enroll HERE ↓

Upon successful enrollment, you receive NEU’s confirmation email



STEP 2 – ACCESS Workshop ↓

Workshop Page: Access to Video-Recording REPLAY and PDFs



You may be someone who feels the need to take action during these challenging times

It’s time to take our beautiful world back!

Balinese Lotus Flower photo courtesy of Karen Bell




Victim & Criminal Profiling Training – 10-Module eCourse

Life-changing Training for NEU Students

Leading to Certification/Diploma from VCPA

Learn more at Carine’s Academy:


Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University School of Natural Law in my Digital Classroom 

Together – let US take our world back!

Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut and the NEU Administration



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