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Full spectrum, cutting-edge curriculum for you in Prenatal Life & Birth from the School of Health & Wellness – discipline of Conscious Birth & Dying at the NewEarth University (NEU). All info is on THIS page including enrollment / study access prompts in red for a Course: The Lifelong Impact of Our Prenatal Life taught by Laura and her longtime esteemed colleague, NEU faculty Carla Machado.

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“Woman is the artist of the imagination and the child in the
womb is the canvas whereon she painteth her pictures.” ~ Paracelsus


Meet Your Instructor

Laura Uplinger, longtime fellow at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness


Laura Uplinger is a psychotherapist, a student, and an educator in the field of conscious pregnancy and birthing. Since the late 1970s, she has been an international proponent of the powerful influence a mother’s inner life has on the formation of her baby.

She served for 12 years on APPPAH’s board of directors (Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health) and is currently the vice-president of ANEP Brazil (Associação Nacional para Educação Pré-natal), with whom she coordinates an 18-month training program. Laura is a board member of OMAEP (Organisation Mondiale des Associations pour l’Éducation Prénatale), a founding member of the international NGO Prenatal Alliance and serves on its board of directors.


Meet Your Instructor

Carla Machado, faculty at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness

Carla is a Systems analyst, astrologer, psychotherapist, facilitator of women’s circles and founder & President of ANEP Brazil since 2010.  

She is OMAEP’s Vice President (World Organization of the Associations for Prenatal Education) and dedicates her life to the power nature gives pregnant women. Carla Machado is also a founder of the international NGO Prenatal Alliance and its vice-president. This prenatal life universe guides her path and fuels her enthusiasm to disseminate and teach the relevance of a pregnant mother’s mind as well as of the mind of her prenate.  



Why Study Prenatal Life & Birth at NEU?

It is an opportunity to reflect upon the roots of our life, here on earth, as the echoes of our days in the womb keep influencing us. What happened there became our foundation and its gossamer mark remains with us throughout our lifetime.

We address the social and political consequences of our time in the womb and the quality of the civilization we offer our planet. Improving the way children arrive on earth is key to humanity’s luminous future.


Online Course for You

REPLAY Enrollment is OPEN


Lifelong Impact of Our Prenatal Life

4 interactive modules/classes

Laura Uplinger & Carla Machado

teach together recorded LIVE in NEU’s Digital Classroom

Course Fundamentals

Are you ready to revisit the womb, nest of human civilization, a universe teeming with possibilities?

  • The Prenatal Life & Birth universe is where it all begins and it casts many-a-spell on us, enabling or disabling our talents and aptitudes.
  • The impact of our life in the womb has been revealed to us by sacred traditions, by modern transpersonal psychology, and now, by cell biology!
  • Our societal responsibility is huge when it comes to the quality of each arrival on earth.



What You Receive

  • Access to 4 Recorded Zoom Class Videos (taught in English)
  • Classes approx 2 hours (some longer)
  • Inspiring teachings 
  • Downloadable PDF Reading list 
  • 24/7 Access to recorded class video-replays (embedded in Class 1-4 Pages)
    • replays are not downloadable so you won’t own them




Class 1 (Summary – Course Syllabus)

The atmosphere of a pregnant mother’s inner life influences the development her baby’s psychoneurophysiology.  

  • The end of genetic determinism
  • Epigenetics and cell biology
  • The “newly” found importance of a pregnant mother’s inner environment on her baby’s prenatal growth & development
  • Nature and Nurture go hand-in-hand
  • The dread revealed by psychohistory

Class 2 (Summary – Course Syllabus)

The wealth of the months prior to conceiving a child.

  • Nature’s plan for our prenatal life?
  • Dreams & Conception
  • Preconception & Conception
  • Yoga of Nutrition
  • Spiritual Galvanoplasty!
  • Transpersonal Psychology – Rebirthing

Class 3 (Summary – Course Syllabus)

Mommy, I was born!

  • Baby’s birth imprinting 
  • Mother’s magic milk
  • Perinatal losses
  • Adoption (baby’s viewpoint)

Class 4 (Summary – Course Syllabus)

Major societal improvements.

  • 10 Golden Rules
  • Gestational Center ~ Harmony for Life, a Brazilian Initiative
  • Global Exemplars: Birthing the New Humanity
  • Politics of childbirth & the media
  • Summary – Common Future


  • No prerequisite; taught in English    
  • 4 classes were recorded by NEU’s School of Health & Wellness
  • NEU Policy: NO partial tuition or payment plans are available;
  • NEU Policy: No refunds for this Course as a Replay
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What You Need

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Online 4-week Course

Lifelong Impact of Our Prenatal Life

 Laura Uplinger & Carla Machado

Recorded LIVE from Brazil

Tuition: $275.00 USD

Enrollment is OPEN


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Why Would You Take This Course?

The Lifelong Impact of Our Prenatal Life Course will shed great light on why it is so hard for civilizations to thrive. For millennia we have had the means and creativity, but until now always stumbled on ubiquitous conflicts. Wars, prisons and psychiatric asylums mare our nations, painful reminders of our inadequacy to engage in a collective harmony. We will see why and how knowledge, beauty and communion with life are chief ingredients of the alchemy that takes place in a fulfilling pregnancy – the very basis of an adulthood worthy of being human.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ~ Frederick Douglas

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Thank you for choosing to study at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness
Laura Uplinger, Carla Machado and NEU Administration


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