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Dear Students, Welcome … thank you for interest to study ANIMAL HEALING with me at NEU.

Align with nature’s principles, do not harm, be humble and live in integrity.

Listen to and learn from what animals gift us with. Be the peace, the love, and the grace you want to experience!

Animal Healing Workshop (Recorded Replay) ~ Your tuition: $60.00 USD

Replay Enrollment NOW OPEN

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Meet Your Teacher

Nicole Pinter-Krainer, faculty member at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Nicole Pinter-Krainer is a natural born healer, soul communicator, animal naturopath and specialist in frequency therapies. Above all, Nicole is a passionate animal lover and deeply grateful for being able to read nature and frequencies and learn from animals. She has gained a deep understanding about our reciprocal link with nature and animals and the state of the relationship nowadays. In her view, healing is the key to finding our way back to our soul and to the mutual understanding with our non-human friends. In her Workshop as well as the Animal Healing Course, Nicole shares her wisdom and knowledge about healing, animals, frequencies, information that she received from animals and experiences. Her aim is to empower more people on their healing path and to teach how to facilitate healing of our animal brothers and sisters.


Why Study Animal Healing?

Become the change…

Many suffer from the separation from nature, the Earth and the incomprehension of animals that chose to be our companions in order to help us create and heal. Is that disconnection on the outside not a reflection of the separation on the inside?

We lost our connection to our soul and our heart. We lost the ability to observe animals, to communicate clearly with them and to recognize the service that they gift us with. We neglected our healing skills and forgot our inner wisdom which resulted in disharmonies, dis-ease and suffering.

The beautiful reciprocity we have with animals longs to be recognized again: we gift them with our love and consideration and they bless us with their teachings and wisdom.

Understanding the dynamics of creation is the basis of understanding our place in relation to animals. Facilitating the healing of animals is a way of engaging in our own healing and bringing about an expansion of consciousness and healing on the collective level. This obviously ties into the awakening process that is ongoing, the awakening to who we truly are.

Let us learn again to live more in our hearts, finding our way back to our souls and keeping the communication line open to other souls. Let us remember our conscious connection with every aspect of life and re-discover our creative power in service of the animal community. Let us share a peaceful, loving, respectful and healthy life with our pets and other animals and let us become the change we would like to experience.



1. Online Workshop for You 2023

Workshop REPLAY is OPEN – you may enroll now.

Animal Healing Online Workshop

2 + hours ~ $60.00 USD

Nicole Pinter-Krainer recorded LIVE in NEU’s Digital Classroom

Workshop Recorded Replay Now Available

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  • Because you recognise that we are all one and that animal healing is directly connected with your own healing.

  • Because you realise that understanding our relations with animals sheds a light on our connection to nature, inscribed in our souls and all levels of our being.

  • Healing is our way back to the soul and deep harmony. Being able to communicate with animals on the soul level and facilitate their healing is a way to actively participate in the overall healing process and consciousness expansion.

  • Last but not least, for the many pet-owners amongst us: being able to identify the source of dis-ease and to heal disharmonies is the key to a happy and enriching life together.



Workshop Fundamentals: What You Will Learn

  • Human-animal connection (let love rule)

  • Understanding the soul and how to alleviate suffering on the individual & collective level

  • What is healing?

  • Animal healing & universal principles

  • Animal communication on the soul level

  • Frequency matters

  • Intro to Nicole’s work with animals

    • She shares info on healing, input from animals, her experiences



What You Receive 

  • 2 + hour Workshop (English) Video REPLAY ACCESS

    • Recorded LIVE on Zoom by NEU’s School of C & S

    • Replay is not downloadable, you won’t own it;

    • Replay at Nicole’s Workshop Page for 24/7 access

  • Downloadable PDF Presentation at Nicole’s Workshop Page


What You Need

  • Student account for enrollment/access to the Workshop Page

  • Ability to navigate NEU for all content / study

  • Notepad/journal and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes/doodle as inspired

  • It’s suggested to use a desktop or laptop computer for viewing / downloading PDF – your choice.

    • Computer may provide a better experience than small phone/tablet devices.

  • Access to a printer (optional to print PDF)






  • Workshop has open enrollment for ALL

  • Workshop was recorded by NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

    • Replay is not downloadable; you won’t own it.

  • NEU Policy: No partial tuition or payment plans are available;

    • No refunds issued for a Workshop after it has commenced on Zoom;

    • No refunds issued for Workshop Replays.

  • Enrollment & Access Protocols

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    • Click – blue – workshop enrollment button below

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Animal Healing Workshop

Nicole (Recorded LIVE) ~ Winter Semester 2023

Your Tuition: $60.oo USD



* How to Study with Nicole (2-steps) *



Once tuition-enrolled successfully, you receive NEU’s auto confirmation email
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Workshop Welcome Page: PDF; Recorded Replay





Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University School of Consciousness & Spirituality
Stay tuned for my in-depth, online Animal Healing Course – TBA later in 2023
Nicole Pinter-Krainer and NEU Administration



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