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Welcome to Dr. Renate Quehenberger’s Digital Classroom (2023)

Unique 5D Geometry curriculum from Renate Quehenberger, PhD, faculty member at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation. All info is on this page including enrollment / study access protocols in red for an online Workshop (English only).


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Dear Students, Welcome back to my new Academy at NEU.

Thank you for interest to study 5D Geometry. This creative curriculum presents you with an understanding of higher dimensional concepts:

From antiquity … to modern quantum physics and astronomy – based on my developed digital higher dimensional hyper-Euclidean Geometry.


5D Geometry Using Origami: Enfolding Plato’s 5th Element

 Unit Cells of the 5-Dimensional Space (Alleged Building Blocks of the Universe)


(11 AM Pacific-time; 12 Noon Mountain; 1 PM Central; 2 PM Eastern – USA)
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Meet Your Professor

Renate Quehenberger PhD, faculty member at NEU’s School of Science & Design Innovation (SDI)

In 2023 Dr. Quehenberger – from Vienna, Austria – joined the NewEarth University faculty to teach her fascinating fusion work of art & physics & philosophy.

Renate is delighted to present you with this unique, creative and fun 5D Geometry curriculum, starting with an online workshop using origami assemblage to assist in our UN-learning / Learning of complex theory and space configurations. She also has more creative workshops and courses planned for you – to be announced later in 2024.

Visit her faculty bio page (under “about neu” pull-down, main menu) to read more about your 5D geometry professor.



Why Study at 5D Geometry Academy?

5D Geometry Academy curricula offered at the NEUs School of SDI is based on Dr. Renate Quehenberger’s passionate and unique artistic & academic research on higher dimensional geometry applied to different domains of knowledge from arts and philosophy, anthropology, archeology… to Earth sciences, biology, quantum physics and astronomy.

Her captivating works reveal that the ancient Egyptian Isis and Osiris myth can be interpreted as origami instruction for enfolding the building blocks of 5-dimensional space; and, furthermore identified as Platos 5th element, aka (also known as) quintessence or ether, which gives us a picture of the ancient Theory of Everything (ToE). This 5D Geometry Academy will assist us all with methods to better understand ourselves and the living Earth embedded in the Living Intelligent Pattern of the Universe.


Online Workshop for You



5D Geometry Using Origami: Enfolding Plato’s 5th Element

Join Dr. Quehenberger (recorded LIVE) in NEU’s Digital Classroom

Enrollment / Access Below


Origami Workshop Fundamentals suitable also for teens / children!

  • Origami paper foldings instruction

  • Enfolding the unit cell of 5D space taught by the ancient Egyptian Isis & Osiris Myth

  • Riddle of Plato’s 5th Element & its Solution

  • How to count dimensions?

  • Higher-dimensional space in Quantum Physics & Cosmology

  • Physical meaning of 5D space

  • Higher dimensional cosmology: from Johannes Kepler & 5D Geometry to the Universe and how it could explain Quantum Geometry while understanding quantum entanglement. 



What You Receive

  • 2-hour Workshop (English)

    • Recorded LIVE on Zoom by the School of SDI

    • Also 24/7 video-replay access at Renate’s workshop page;

    • Note: workshop-replay is not downloadable – you won’t own it.

  • PDFs (downloadable)



What You Need

  • Student account for enrollment & access to Renate’s workshop page;

  • Ability to navigate NEU for content via study protocols

  • Access to a computer & printer / ability to download & print PDFs

  • Ability to download – and use – your own free Zoom account to attend

  • *** Paper to fold for creating origami shapes (suggested 120 – 150 gram or “thick” paper)

    • 150 gram paper is heavier then usual 90 gram “printer paper”

  • *** Scissors or a paper cutter; a ruler + non-drip glue (“glue-stick”)

  • Notepad / journal & pencil / pen, etc. to take notes / doodle as inspired

  • Suggestion: use desktop or laptop computer – your choice;

    • Computer may provide a better experience than small phone / tablet


  • Workshop has open enrollment for ALL

  • Note: experience suitable also for teens & children!

  • Workshop recorded by NEU’s School of SDI:

    • Workshop video-replay is not downloadable – you won’t own it;

    • You’ll have 24/7 replay access AT NEU (workshop page)


  • Workshop has a $35.00 USD non-refundable Administration Fee for refund request made BEFORE starting on Zoom;

  • No refund issued for workshop once begun on Zoom;

  • No refund issued for this workshop-replay.

Enrollment & Access Protocols

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  • Click – blue – workshop enrollment button below 

  • You receive NEU’s confirmation email when enrollment is complete;

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5D Geometry Using Origami:

Enfolding Plato’s 5th Element

Join Dr. Renate Quehenberger LIVE on Zoom


(11 AM Pacific-time; 12 Noon Mountain; 1 PM Central; 2 PM Eastern – USA)

Your Tuition: $72.oo USD

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* How to Study with Dr. Quehenberger (2-steps) *

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Who Would Take This Workshop?

Do you perhaps doubt big bang cosmology and standard model of a flat grainy pancake Universe?

Would you ponder a new – as well as ancient – alternative hypotheses about the Universe?

Interested to discover a connection between quantum physics, cosmology and spiritual experiences? 

Designed for ALL, you’re invited to this unique and fun workshop to become acquainted with the basic geometry of 5-dimensional space, the uniting grid, Plato’s 5th element, and the shape of quintessence that for centuries the alchemists were always searching for.

Join me to explore an ancient concept of the abandoned Aether …




Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University School of Science & Design Innovation
Dr. Quehenberger and NEU Administration



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