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Dowsing for Direct Divine Connection


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Are you ready to open to Divine Light?


Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Swan Montague, senior advisor on the faculty at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality


Swan started dowsing as a child.

As a child she suffered massive psychological and spiritual trauma through exposure to black magic and satantic abuse of dark arts.

19 years ago she was given 3 months to live.

After Yeshua (Jesus) appeared at her deathbed and she recovered, she spent 12 years in almost total seclusion in direct communication with Yeshua and other masters being shown healing methods and knowledge not otherwise known on the planet. She healed herself of this fatal disease and has healed and taught thousands of others to heal themselves and raise consciousness and vibration to fully activate divine consciousness within using pendulum intuition for healing and consciousness expanding techniques, teaching her multi-dimensional healing map to students all around the world.

Swan teaches and shows you that everything technology can do, we can do, and more!

The technological development of the world is merely a mirror of our own innate divine knowing and universal consciousness that we have forgotten. Swan shares her knowledge of how to access and activate this font of knowledge to gain mastery over our bodies and our lives. Everything you need to be able to unleash this mastery is within… and Swan’s penduluming techniques and map give you the step-by-step process to navigate the multi-dimensional aspects of the quantum field of your own infinite self to be in charge of your own wellbeing and destiny.


Why Study Divine Light Training with Swan at NEU?

This is a special opportunity to learn from a seasoned Soul devoted to the betterment of humanity. Veteran spiritual teacher Swan has been exponentially initiated, tested and illuminated all of her life.

She has worked and collaborated with many well-known luminaries and teachers, teaching and empowering students around the world for several decades with this powerful yet simple to understand map for penduluming to heal, transform and overcome challenges and gain illumination, enhance direct divine communication and inner knowing and active, living embodiment of your divine self. This multi-dimensional map to use with inner knowing, dowsing and/or kinesiology can be used to discern the causes of, and best ways to heal and transform physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic dis-ease. It is of paramount importance that you now reclaim the sovereignty of body, mind and soul, to liberate you from the limitations of conventional medical systems and spiritual dogmas that hold you back from your full potential. With this system you obtain the tools and information to centre, heal, clear, ground, align and expand your experience of self and reality, to become master of your health, your life and your environment. This is how you change the world.


“Swan brings through the thunder and lightning medicine necessary for these times.” ~ Elizabeth Kicking Bear, Cherokee Medicine Woman/Healer



Available for YOU to study with Swan NOW

Online Workshop – REPLAY ONLY


with DR SWAN MONTAGUE in her NEU Digital Classroom

Pendulum Mapping: Dowsing for Direct Divine Connection



In this online 3-hour workshop we will cover a multi-purpose array of ways of working with Divine Light that you can access and use with a pendulum to refine, enhance and accelerate health, wellbeing, guidance and direct connection to The Divine.

A Few of the Things Swan Will Show You

  • How to remove chemical and pharmaceutical poisoning – often the underlying hidden cause of depression, dis-ease, disfunction of your systems, organs, physical and subtle bodies and fields;
  • How to clear karmic and ancestral baggage and programming;
  • Healing and clearing cellular and soul memory;
  • Clearing negative codes at the core level of your DNA;
  • Reclaiming and activating your Divine Blueprint.

Workshop Fundamentals

  • Divination
  • Healing dis-ease / Health fundamentals
  • Higher Divine Guidance / Connecting to Higher Self
  • Clearing Chemicals & Toxins
  • Activating Clarification System
  • Raising Functions & Awareness
  • Physical & Subtle Bodies Calibration
  • Raising Frequency of Food & Beverages
  • Heightening the Function of your Chakras
  • Activating Inner Guidance, Knowing & Intuition
  • Clearing, Balancing, Aligning, Centering and Grounding


Swan shows you her Multi-dimensional Map with various ways you can use the pendulum to activate your higher direct-connection, healing powers and the mastery of the Ascended Ones.

Christ consciousness is not some great mystical ‘out-of-this world’ knowing that is available only to a chosen few in secluded mystery schools. It is the biggest secret of the ages that has been removed from your conscious memory and ability to access in every-day life and is the key to living a healthy, empowered, fulfilling and inspired divine life. In this Workshop – with this map – you receive the fundamental keys that unlock the seals of your inner master and aid you to blossom into a shining, aware, wise and empowered, divinely connected being with direct communcation to illumined ones and your own highest illumined self.

What You Receive 

  • Workshop Recording REPLAY ACCESS at NEU, 3-hour presentation (English)

  • Inspiring training experience with Dr. Swan

  • Downloadable Multi-dimensional Map at Swan’s Workshop Page – PDF guidelines and the lists she uses, giving you an intuitive and fluid way of using a pendulum or kinesiology to discern problems, diagnose causes of dis-ease, track problems and intuit ways to remediate and transform these growth opportunities into great gifts and immeasurable power and self-mastery.

Pendulum Mapping: Dowsing for Direct Divine Connection

Would you love to be master of your life and reality?

Is there room to improve your health and/or wellbeing?

Would you like to have a great positive impact on life?

Do you wish to achieve the level of knowing and expertise of the great masters?

Learn what Yeshua (Jesus) taught his disciples and what he meant when he said,

“What I do, you too shall do, and more.”

If you’ve anything emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or energetic in your life to improve…

this Pendulum Mapping Workshop is for You!


Workshop Testimonials

    • Swan’s multi-dimensional checklist and pendulum technique reveals the best ways to advance and evolve. It has changed my life, saved members of my family and empowered me to step up hugely into my own divine power and knowing”.
    • “I have saved thousands in healing and products by using Swan’s Divine Light Transformation map with a pendulum and her healing system.”
    • “Swan’s system cured me of chronic disease, constant exhaustion, digestion issues and I’ve gone from barely being able to function to thriving and staying well, even right through the winter when everyone else around me was sick.”
    • “With this system I quickly went from several bottles of wine a day to a few glasses and healed my relationships with my family.”



Important Notes about this Workshop

  • Pre-requisite:

    • You need to be – already – able to use a pendulum, recognize and get simple yes and no answers and positive/negative responses.

  • This is not a course for beginners.

    • If you don’t know how to use a pendulum yet there are many free online videos / lessons in setting-up & learning to use one.

  • This Workshop was recorded by NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

  • NEU Policy: NO partial tuition or payment plans are available; there are no refunds for Workshop Replays

  • Important Enrollment Instructions 

    • LOG-IN to NEU with your NE Account Credentials 

    • Return to this page … Click, ENROLLMENT BUTTON

    • You’ll receive a NEU confirmation email when enrollment is successfully completed

    • RETURN to THIS PAGE (Divine Light Training) … click ACCESS BUTTON (where you enrolled)

What You Need

  • Notepad / journal and pencil / pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired;

  • Swan recommends a cleansed ring or strong pendant/crystal on a flexible cord (not ancestral or previously owned, cleansed in salt and light or sound). Thin chains can break easily when the energy is strong;

  • Prior experience with using a pendulum or kinesiology;

  • Knowledge of the chakras and subtle bodies;

  • Ability to meditate;

  • Read Dr. Swan’s article, The Chemical Holocaust (in your free NEU Library);

  • It is suggested to use a desktop or laptop computer;

    • A computer may be more likely to provide a better learning experience than small smartphones or tablet devices. The option is yours.


    • If not logged-in from your exact account credentials, you won’t have access to the Workshop page, accomplished by clicking the ACCESS BUTTON


Pendulum Mapping:

Dowsing for Direct Divine Connection

Workshop Recording REPLAY ACCESS

with Dr. Swan Montague in the NEU Digital Classroom

Your Tuition: $66.oo USD


Enrollment Open for Workshop Video REPLAY


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Why would I take this Workshop?

The pendulum or kinesiology is a simple tool that has incredible potential for healing, transformation, ascension and the quest for greater direct communication with Higher Self/The Divine. Fine-tune your intuition, hone in on truth and guidance, transmute and transform, heal and self-illumine.




Pendulums have been popular healing and divination tools used through the ages for a variety of purposes. They are incredibly handy and versatile and provide us with extraordinary potential for aiding our highest direct divine communication, self-awareness and overall wellbeing.
By way of discerning yes and no answers, positive and negative vibrations and the spectrum of high or low energies, you can learn to dialogue with your inner/higher self and determine causes of dis-ease/imbalance and challenges, how to overcome them as well as carry out effective techniques to literally alter molecular structures, cellular and soul function for improved and higher states of consciousness, inner and higher knowing, transformation and evolution.
Once you have these specific pendulum skills there are infinite ways you can use the pendulum to determine everything you need to know for optimal function and alignment, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic wellbeing and selectively determine what is best to put in, on or around your body.
In learning to use the pendulum effectively you come to know if or when you are getting or how to get accurate answers,  trust what you are being told/shown, how to get the mind out of the way and how to attain a calm, present, clear state to determine the questions and answers you need.


You may be someone who feels the clarion call to explore a deepening connection to the divine during these challenging times … 

Pendulum Mapping will help your Sovereign Soul to express ITSelf. 

Reclaim the divine inheritance of your innate inner power and wisdom.

Reclaim yourself as the master of YOU!


Also stay-tuned for announcements of my developing curriculum in 2022.


Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality 

Dr. Swan Montague and NEU Administration



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