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COURSE: Holistic Art from A-Z (4 classes)

WORKSHOP: Painting From The Soul



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Are you ready to be a Creator in the new art paradigm?

Meet Your Instructor

Master Artist JANE EVERSHED, senior teaching fellow on the faculty as Visual Arts Director of NEU’s School of The Living Arts



Jane Evershed has been painting for 40 + years and owned a business selling her originals and reproductions for 30 years. The time has come to share her secrets.

The future of art is changing rapidly with the proliferation of digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) art threatening to dominate the art marketplace. Art from the Soul connected to Source cannot be duplicated by AI. This is why it is of paramount importance that we learn Painting From The Soul and also, how to teach it!

Her hands-on experience teaching art to young children successfully (through private tuition) is the inspiration for a Painting From The Soul Workshop and a 4-class Art Course now available: Holistic Art From A – Z. Jane taught her first art class to Zulu children in South Africa in 1982; almost 40 years later… a young student in Bali, Indonesia at the NewEarth Haven (2019).  In 2018, she taught a six-year-old girl to advance – in only six months – from small drawings to accomplishing a full-size canvas painting, in oils. Jane has expanded all of these innovative teachings to include art teachers, art mentors and the art-frozen.



Why Study with Jane at NEU?

This is a rare opportunity to learn from a Master Artist, a creative Soul consciously aware and devoted to her craft for the betterment of humanity. Veteran, award-winning artist Jane Evershed teaches you how to access that magical creative place within… giving you basic tools to truly get there.

In her words: “THE Keystone to creating from the Soul is Inspiration!  This method of teaching art is probably a first in its field and was initially created to focus on young aspiring artists to develop their own secure and unique style, thus rendering them sovereign artists.  Now this curriculum has expanded to also teach art teachers, art mentors and the art-frozen. My teachings help you to learn how to connect with your Soul, direct from Source… and then express IT creatively through art!

You can spend the rest of your life refining your skills and creating wonderfully mastered paintings instead of wasting years and years wallowing around in a skill-set that any computer program can now duplicate in a few clicks.  Teachers are not doing a great job of allowing the original inner artists of children to emerge.  Many grandparents and parents would love to imbue their beloved grandchildren and children with a gift that will last the child a lifetime: How to paint!  Yet, they do not consider themselves artistic enough to teach it.  So, my teachings are very succinct for them.

When I was a child I had a mentor who nurtured the artist in me – it changed my life.  You can be that person for someone you love and see the artist within, yearning to be free!  Parents or grandparents wanting to teach art to aspiring-artist children (or grandchildren) may not consider themselves qualified to teach art, yet it is truly so easy to learn how. For one’s art to stand out it needs to have something different: The uniqueness of your Soul-expressed.  That is what moves people. That is what stands out.  When people see that depth of expression, they relate to it because it mirrors what is in their Soul, too.  There is only ever one original on Earth and you are a completely original human being.”

Read Jane’s article: The Future of Teaching Art


Painting From The Soul: The Great Art Awakening is a simple art-teaching method that absolves the teacher from personal preference in teaching art therefore allowing the student untethered creativity and art-sovereignty.

My method of teaching art eliminates the vast uncertainties constituting what is, and is not, good” art.  This is a universal dilemma for teachers and students alike and I know how to easily solve that problem.  I wish I could introduce it into every school art curriculum! These teachings are a launching pad for artists to move forward unencumbered by any exterior ideals of what constitutes good” art. It is also an opportunity for kids (of all ages) to fire-up their creative neurons at an early age as creativity can be applied to almost all disciplines.”





1) Intro Workshop Study Now



Fundamentals you’ll learn during an inspiring Powerpoint Presentation:
  • The importance of Art today (a great art awakening!)
  • Protocol & relevance of Painting From The Soul during changing times
  • 10 Steps to Teach Art From The Soul / Jane’s book, SPLAT!
  • Student & teacher art classroom tips 

What You Receive

  • Workshop Recording REPLAY ACCESS at NEU ~ English; 1-hr, 50 mins.
  • Downloadable PDF at Jane’s Workshop Page


  • There are no prerequisites 
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What You Need

  • Ability to navigate this University and follow my protocols, emphasis red
  • Paper & pencil / pen, crayons, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired
  • Suggestion: desktop or laptop computer may give a better experience; the option is yours.


Painting From The Soul Workshop

Video Recording REPLAY ACCESS ~ Tuition: $45.oo USD
Video is not downloadable; you won’t own the replay
You have 24/7 access to Jane’s Workshop Page with Video Replay + PDF

** How to study with Jane (2-steps) **

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Workshop Page has Video Replay + PDF


Why take the Workshop?

  • Need to feel inspired and connect to Source & Humanity – especially NOW?
  • Are you a teacher or student frustrated with the old system?
  • Feeling Art-frozen? Learn to un-freeze your artistic Self!
  • Interested how to teach for the NEW Art-paradigm? Need tips?
You just may be someone who needs to explore creativity during these challenging times.
This Workshop will help your Sovereign Soul to express ITSelf. Remember that Humanity needs You!




2) Holistic Art Course (4 classes)

Enrollment OPEN ~ 24/7 Access ~ 4 Class Video-Replays at NEU



Jane Evershed (recorded LIVE) in NEU’s Digital Classroom

Holistic Art From A – Z

4 Classes (Video Replays + PDFs)

Each Class is 2 hours (some longer)

Tuition: $225.oo USD

NOTE: No Refunds for Course Replays
Video Replays are not downloadable; you won’t own them
You have 24/7 access to Class 1-4 Pages with Videos + PDFs
NOTE: Optional course textbook: SPLAT! by Jane Evershed

Link to Purchase Textbook Paperback or eBook (Balboa Press)
Link to Purchase Textbook – Paperback or Kindle (Amazon)
It’s suggested to use SPLAT! (digital OR print-version) for this Course
(Book-links go out of NEU’s website)


* How to study with Jane (2-steps) *

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Your 4 Classes

1. The True Purpose of Art vs. The Hidden Agenda

2. Simplifying the Complexity of Creating Art

3. The Relevance & Protocols of Creating from Soul as an Artist in These Times

4. The Universal Role of Art in the Coming Age of Enlightenment




ART can change the world
Painting From The Soul will change the world
One of the best kept secrets is: You are born Sovereign and a Creator!

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  • Riley, 6 years old:  “In 2019 Jane took our 6 year old under her wing and taught her to go from making little sketches to painting large canvasses with confidence over a period of 6 months; (20 lessons). We are amazed at her progress.”  ~ Tasha
  • “Let Jane Evershed unfreeze you! She unfroze me. After decades spent living in an art freeze, I teamed up with Jane, who taught me the principles of painting. Her approach was instructive and playful, wholly focused on drawing the inner artist out of me. And now that I’m unfrozen, I’m ready to create my masterpiece!”  ~ Rob S, 39 yrs old.
  • “I have a vivid imagination of what I would like to see on a canvas in front of me but every time Ive set it up the white board drains the image completely out of my mind.  Self hypnotism and meditation assures me that my parents insisted art was a waste of time and the parental adult criticism lingers on. Im to the point that I would like to get past that now. It was never important until I saw your soulful energy in your paintings. When you have your presentation together, may I take it as if I am a child? That little girl who became embarrassed about her insignificant drawings is still wiping the tears from her eyes at the criticism (and Im in my 70s). We need to tend to that distress when we realize the child within is still hurting.”  ~ Billie Watkins



Thank you for choosing to study at NEU’s School of The Living Arts

Jane Evershed and Administration

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