Health & Wellness

Daily Conscious Practices

  This brief resource was researched, compiled and shared by faculty members of the NEU School of Consciousness & Spirituality   Optimal health and wellness is a state of being, which arises when we move beyond unhealthy habits and destructive thought-forms that we often too easily permit.  We must...

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Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty

  The following Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty was created – and gifted to you – by the many talented and devoted faculty members of the NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness.       Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty     Be it known that I, ___________________________________________________________, do hereby...

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Kundalini Awakening: Untangling the Enigma of Eden

  Kundalini Awakening: Untangling the Enigma of Eden Article submitted to the NEU Library by Sri Jana   A mystery confounds humanity. Our entire history is veiled in enigma. How can we understand ourselves as long as our history is unknown? How should we interpret the story of Adam...

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World Health Sovereignty Summit ’23

  Launched (streamed & recorded LIVE) on September 11 of 2023 by host and panel moderator Sacha Stone with renowned guests Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Del Bigtree and Dr. Naomi Wolf, the World Health Sovereignty Summit (WHSS) continues through October, finishing in November 2023. WHSS 2023 is not just an...

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Healthy Fun Facts

A few healthy fun facts from the School of Health & Wellness faculty members:   Did you know that yawning is quite good for your health and well being?   While reading now… start to yawn a few times in a relaxed manner. Based on research in this arena,...

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Welcome Fellow!

NEWS! July '23 ~ The School of Health & Wellness is honored to announce Rima E. Laibow, MD as esteemed senior fellow of NEU. Welcome Dr. Rima!

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’23 News!

NEWS! March '23 ~ NEU is delighted to announce a new Administration member: Welcome Curriculum Advisor, Dr. Manely Sharifian

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Reduce Or Eliminate Arthritis (7-page PDF)

    7-page downloadable PDF Research Paper submitted to the Library by Fellow Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. A helpful resource shared by her colleague to help us reduce or eliminate arthritis (and a whole lot more with 20 Mule Team Borax). Reduce or Eliminate Arthritis PDF

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How to Detox & Balance Your Microbiome Consciously

NOTE: Gratitude to the author for sharing her personal graphics and creative images for this article by Sri Jana   How does our self-awareness and self-love affect our microbiome? Aha! That’s the BIG question. In this fast-changing world, we need a smart, multi-dimensional approach to health. Your microbiome is...

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