ITNJ Commission: Weaponization of the Biosphere (Intro)



Filmed live in June of 2019 during the NewEarth Festival’s 7-day World Health Sovereignty Summit in Bali, Indonesia, this 9-min. video is a brief introduction to the Tribunal’s 2nd day of its Seating for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry Into Weaponization of the Biosphere, which was officially launched by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (

ITNJ Founder & Trustee Emeritus, Sacha Stone

ITNJ Chief Justice, Sir John of Brannagh

ITNJ Commissioner, Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal

ITNJ Inaugural Trustee, Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash

ITNJ Commissioner, Thomas J Brown



Visit the ITNJ to watch testimonies from this prescient event held 6 months before the Plandemic



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