Declaration of Sovereignty (share widely)

Your Declaration of Sovereignty

gifted by members of the NewEarth Movement and

NEU faculty & fellows of the School of Natural Law





Declaration of Sovereignty



Be it known that I, _____________________________________, do hereby declare myself to be a sovereign individual; a living breathing human being endowed by my creator with certain natural rights.

Recognizing that governments derive their power to govern from the consent and will of the people, and that when such governments no longer serve the best interests of people and planet, it is the incumbent duty of all people of the world to declare such governments null and void; and to declare themselves – each one – an individual sovereign entity, beholden to no governance save for their own.

In accordance with these aims and purposes as stated herein, I hereby and herewith declare myself to be free of any and all governance by any governmental organisation, and I hereby and herewith take full responsibility for myself and my actions, reserving all natural rights such as are recognized to be inherent conditions of human existence.

Furthermore, and for the avoidance of doubt, I do hereby and herewith withdraw any express or implied consent to be recognised by or through any legal name or entity which any governmental organisation, or an agent thereof, may, by virtue of its registration under that governments jurisdiction, use against my will to exercise control or power over me, and do reserve the right to use the same, without liability, to exercise any and all natural rights as may from time to time be required.



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