The key is… unlearning all beliefs that tell us we are not already sovereign



NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law was established with a core discipline of Sovereignty that essentially informs all other NEU Schools. Sovereignty is pure-truth – an inherent condition of human existence. Our esteemed faculty, associated fellows, staff and affiliates work harmoniously to help enlighten a crucial global discussion of pure-truth freedom for every woman, man, and child on planet earth.

Sovereignty, freedom, and liberty are based more on a state-of-mind rather than a set of procedures or rules. Consequently, overcoming the bonds of indentured servitude start from within oneSelf as the inherent capacity of all life on this planet. Freedom is the intrinsic essence of the Universe, and only as we embody that within ourselves may we then be prepared to bring that truth back into humanity.

Within a new earth, it is seminal to understand that there is no ‘right’ way to establish sovereignty; no one path is more righteous than another. No matter who you are, there is a path which is right for you… whether you choose to stay within the current system holding that truth within your heart, or take necessary steps to remove yourself from it.

Since you cannot become that which you already are, taking a first step of breathing sovereignty within, sets the stage for the next level of choices to act upon.

The key is not learning more information, but in unlearning the beliefs & ideas that tell us we’re not already sovereign.

When it comes to exercising sovereignty, the proof is in the first step as something that you just choose to do — in the moment. As you continually observe your internal reactions to the various forms of fear and anxiety which may undoubtedly arise, you will be guided to the most important lessons of what sovereignty means to you — and the best way to execute all within your circumstances.

While the challenge may seem daunting initially, by maintaining a full sense of faith, trust, and making a concerted effort to engage the ‘creative process,’ you will continually find a right path to lead you to the best possible solutions for your unique life situation… and your role within society — a new earth.



  • It is this one core objective – helping everyone to realize their inherent sovereignty – that is principal within the Sovereignty discipline at NEU’s School of Natural Law.

  • To continue to develop curriculum in Sovereignty-related subjects to help articulate the pure-truth of being, sovereign.

  • Continue to support the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) and its Judicial Commissions.

  • Research and continue to share the best natural law resources availed to all through the School of Natural Law and greater NewEarth University Library.

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