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natural law remedies resource: claiming property

  This brief natural law remedy resource is part of a series compiled and submitted by the staff and faculty of NEU’s School of Natural Law. Claiming Property Until humanity has transcended the ownership paradigm, the simple act of claiming property can provide the basis for overcoming any attempt...

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natural law articles / the law of equity

The law of equity evolved to overcome the injustice created by the common law arising out of its general inflexibility and the limitations it imposed on acceptable causes of action. Where there was no adequate remedy at law, or where the rigidity of the common law yielded an unjust...

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sovereignty: convening your own court of record

  Compiled by the NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law faculty volunteers: A court is defined as ‘the person and suit of the sovereign.’ As a sovereign (wo)man, you are by this very definition, a walking court of record. And since the very meaning of sovereignty is that the...

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natural law – an introductory article

  Natural law is the law as it is written on the heart of every wo/man in the form of their conscience.  It is not something which can be written down or codified, nor ought it be.   “The general law of this society is that each member...

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