natural law articles / the law of equity

The law of equity evolved to overcome the injustice created by the common law arising out of its general inflexibility and the limitations it imposed on acceptable causes of action. Where there was no adequate remedy at law, or where the rigidity of the common law yielded an unjust result, equity would step in, for those who invoked it, to see that justice be done.

Equity offers remedy according to the conscience of the sovereign and thus, provided that the sovereign is morally aligned, equity can be seen as the path through which the law of nature may be upheld.

Equity does not look to case law for its decisions, rather it provides relief to those who pray for it based upon the application of the equitable maxims to a given situation.

Many people have been denied equitable relief in recent times because the vast majority of people have come to unwittingly volunteer for their own persecution and are unwittingly belligerent in their conduct, thereby contravening two of the principal maxims being that “equity will not aid a volunteer” and “he who seeks equity must come with clean hands.”

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