natural law remedies resource: claiming property


This brief natural law remedy resource is part of a series compiled and submitted by the staff and faculty of NEU’s School of Natural Law.

Claiming Property

Until humanity has transcended the ownership paradigm, the simple act of claiming property can provide the basis for overcoming any attempt by an actor to cause you harm or loss.

Recording your claims in the record establishes your claim – first in time, first in line.

We give our fellow (wo)man the opportunity to come forth and present their claim (if they have one) or forever hold their peace (finalizing the offer).  This establishes our claim in the record and becomes the highest form of evidence in a court venue.  One may even submit court copies of their claims into their own cases.

Other types of property one might claim:

  1. offspring
  2. payments – house, automobile, etc.
  3. compensation for labor

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