Chancellor’s Message

Message from NEU’s Co-founding Chancellor, Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash

♥ Welcome and thank you for visiting today.

In 2023 we have continued to experience a new event horizon.

On behalf of our esteemed worldwide faculty, fellows, administration and affiliates, I’m delighted to see the growth of your online NewEarth University – the new-paradigm UN-learning / Learning arm of the NewEarth Movement (NewEarth Project 2.0) also known as the NewEarth Horizon.

It has been challenging to navigate a global crisis these past few years.

We all do our best.

With (now approaching) 25,000 beautiful Souls in the worldwide student body devoted to exploring the pure-truth of our inherent Sovereignty, this conscious community embraces essential curricula from NEU’s six Schools. We honor the seminal ABCs of Art, Beauty & Consciousness … supplanting time, fear and money.

As you browse this unique self-study portal, enjoy life-enhancing resources located in your free library (it’s a rabbit hole) and take a few complimentary mini-courses gifted to you by faculty.

In the spirit of Oneness we invite participation in this ecosystem from those aligned with our NewEarth ethos. You may be one of them. Inspiration awaits on this heroic journey to Oneness …

Immeasurable thanks to many serving behind the scenes.

See you online in a workshop or course.

Gratitude in Grace with Much Love,


Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash

Co-founding Chancellor

NewEarth University



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