natural law articles / surety (insurance) and social insurance or social security


Everything that exists in the world of commerce is owned, operated or controlled by a fiction, and every fiction requires a bond or insurance policy before it can legally operate. Thus everything and everyone must carry insurance or be bonded (essentially the same thing), if it is to be visible in the world of commerce.

When a judge hears a case he or she is acting as banker for the State/Crown, essentially balancing two accounts or insurance policies which are represented by two fictional names. The names, or rather estates, which we have mistakenly understood to identify us are no different – the creator, and thus original liable party, of the name/estate has insured it for an unlimited amount.

The policy is usually called Social Insurance, Social Security or National Insurance. Essentially the State/Crown has kindly created a fiction, to aid in our service of One and All, and which has already been insured and bonded, in order that we as wo/men may be free from fictional liability for any action undertaken in fiction-land… unless of course we volunteer.

It is of course beneficial to any insurer if a claim is not made on a policy when an incident occurs, so if an insurer is able to find someone unwise enough to attach their body / energy / promise of their own future labor to the liability, then they will not themselves have to pay out. When one volunteers to be that surety by identifying themselves AS the name/estate in question, what one is effectively doing is akin to paying for damages caused in a road accident out of their ‘own pocket’ when the car is already insured. All a judge is really doing as a State/Crown agent is limiting the liability of his employer by allowing someone else to volunteer for that liability.

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