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The laws of war on land are more relevant to everyday life in the world than one may think; they derive from international law.

International law is essentially natural law, applied to nations, with the addition of unnatural ‘positive law’ appendices. These appendices are called treaties and conventions. The Hague Convention and The Geneva Convention are the two principal international treaties relating to the laws of war on land. Nations which are signatories to these conventions (almost every nation on earth) must observe the rules set forth therein.

Almost every nation on earth is in a time of war.

Aside from the fact that no peace treaty was signed at the end of a great many modern ‘wars’ (meaning, under the laws of war on land, that the nation is still at war), it is also the case that each national government itself is an ‘occupying force.’ There is much evidence to support this fact, not least of which is that most every permanent office of import within governmental structures is a military office (e.g., Attorney General, Secretary General, Postmaster General, Lords Lieutenant, Lieutenant Governor, Sergeant, Officer, etc.). Consequently every court is (first and foremost) a military court.

To understand how this applies to you, search the NEU Library for a natural law article called: The importance of being at peace.

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