What are NewEarth Initiatives?


We must all step up now to initiate and embody an unfolding of events that benefit and elevate humanity beyond slavery and into the supra-beautification of organic existence in resonance with one another. Our individual attributes and expressions of creativity must reign freely within the human ecosystem as we initiate humanity into sovereignty.

Those who have controlled humanity have shown us throughout time that they will not facilitate our evolution but seek to stifle and harvest our ingenuity and flesh for their own benefit. NewEarth exposes these crimes against humanity and initiates action toward healing. We seek remedy from the manipulation of our DNA to the bioweapons trained on our souls, soil, sea, and sky.

NewEarth’s initiatives are for the people of the world, by the people of the world. Thus, all communities’ inhabitants, local experts, and original indigenous communities become key stakeholders encouraged to participate in NewEarth’s initiatives. Stakeholders implementing right action share all the rights and responsibilities for their actions equally.

Our true rite-of-passage is to lift each other into ever more harmonic realms of existence here on Earth.



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