What are the 6 NEU Schools?



The following library resource is a brief overview of the purpose for each of the NewEarth University’s Six (6) Schools:


School of Natural Law

NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law was created to help lead the planetary conversation on sovereignty while exploring innovative means to assist a global realization of the self-governance principle.

The School is comprised of two key disciplines: Sovereignty and Self-Governance.

Esteemed faculty, fellows and staff develop and coordinate curriculum to support the emergence of the rule of natural law and/or facilitate self-governing women and men to engage global governance initiatives in the spirit of sovereign cooperation.

Recognizing that sovereignty is an inherent condition of human existence, and that it is imperative if the School of Natural Law’s mission is to be realized that humankind individually embody that sovereign condition in their own lives, the efforts of the School orient toward new-paradigm UN-learning and learning while empowering the individual.



School of Health & Wellness

The School of Health & Wellness was created to:

  • Lead humanity to consciously remember their civilized state of vibrant health & wellbeing;

  • Empower all to transcend modern illness, restoring strength, vitality, and the beauty of natural being;

  • Research and share resources while developing curriculum and toolkits for embodying sovereign health & wellbeing.

Aligned with the NewEarth Project’s ethos, the philosophy of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is simply based on life’s original, immutable, natural laws.  We believe a move towards Oneness – or unity consciousness – must be a deliberate movement toward the essence of natural living in harmony with all creation.

At the core, this begins with conscious conception and conscious birth, therefore the School is comprised of two key disciplines: Conscious Birth & Dying and Wellness Sovereignty.

The pure-truth of our body’s remarkable capacity to self-heal has been hidden… now we claim our human right.  For decades, (now more than ever) corporations and institutions (entrusted to serve humanity) have been permitted to serve their own vested interests and agendas to the detriment of our health and well-being.

Recognizing that reclaiming one’s wellness sovereignty is an essential component of embodying and exercising one’s absolute sovereignty, we, the members of the School of Health & Wellness, commit to offering the best resources and tools supporting this highest personal expression.  We endeavor to cut through the white-noise of allopathic medical research and practice, making the natural healing arts & sciences accessible to all.



School of Science & Design Innovation

NEU’s School of Science & Design Innovation (SDI) was created to facilitate full-spectrum consciousness-in-action research and development to fulfill its noble mission.

Faculty and fellows harmonically engage in a cross-pollination environment of two Disciplines: Science & Technology (NEST) and Design & Development (aka D & D).

Working synergistically—in alignment with the NewEarth ethos—they help anchor a planetary ecology in an unprecedented fusion of broad-spectrum pioneering projects rooted in the spiritual sciences. Collaboration is a fractal of the NEU “brain-trust” in steadfast devotion to serving humanity, while creating cutting-edge curriculum and practical toolkit resources for developing NewEarth Communities.



School of Consciousness & Spirituality

NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality articulates a core, empowering energetic source-code for living in peace from the zero-point of the heart.  The C & S School is comprised of two key disciplines: Spirituality and Conscious Practice.  Its organically-evolving foundational resources and curricula provides an interactive web of inspiration, compassion, and life-changing content.

We believe in a clear, coherent vision for a fully manifested new earth: a spiritual worldview based on Oneness and interconnection, which embraces the pure-truth. This is the basis for social transformation – our cultural, economic, ecological and energy systems – creating a new life for all.  Thus, our core purpose is empowering the realizations of:

  • Love as the basis of all relationship;

  • Awakening to our true nature as one with Source: our Soul-Sovereignty in the cosmos as the natural and simple birthright of every human being;

  • The embodiment of awakening in pure integrity, love, and wisdom as the basis for its authenticity;

  • Transcendence and transfigured integration with all-encompassing inclusion;

  • The empowerment of all beings into the realization of their unique expression of Source;

  • The balance and integration of sacred feminine and divine masculine principles;

  • The sacred call for humanity to become a conscious participant in the cosmic evolutionary process;

  • Recognition of the Earth and Cosmos as intrinsically sacred;

  • Awakened activism as a healthy expression of service to the world.




School of Socio-Economics & Ecology

NEU’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology was created to facilitate broad-spectrum research and development, and develop curricula by its esteemed faculty and fellows to engage in this seminal planetary conversation: Establishment of a flourishing global gift-economy that is ecologically anchored in harmonic and regenerative natural resources.

The School is comprised of two disciplines, inextricably bound to architect a major shift: Ecology & Regeneration and Re-Sourced Economy.

We honor the abundant Earth – she is sacred.  HER currency is our currency.



School of The Living Arts

NEU’s School of The Living Arts was created by faculty and fellows – gifted women and men committed to expand the planetary playground for conscious living. They engage in joyful exploration of the universal harmonics of life, endowing art, beauty and consciousness in all inspirational forms while creatively and organically expressing pure-truth for the sake of every sentient being.

The School accomplishes its mission through two disciplines of new-paradigm Learning & Education and, Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts.

This is a multi-faceted platform in which synergistic projects unfold and enfold in new ways of learning through healing in All LIVING Arts, which move us creatively beyond language to powerfully transform the world.




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