The Solution – Overcoming Disease

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About Jim Humble (In Memorium, 2023)

Jim Humble first began his work in the health field as manager of a health food store in Los Angeles, California. He authored a 200 question “Nutritional Evaluation Test” that determined the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats a person’s body might be deficient in.

Jim started his career in the Aerospace industry, where he quickly became a research engineer. He worked on the first intercontinental missile, wrote instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, worked on secret radio control electronics, and dozens of other electronic projects at.

After 20 years in Aerospace, Jim went into gold mining where he developed methods of gold recovery that replace the use of mercury. He wrote 5 books on the subject of recovering gold from its ores. In 1996 he discovered what has come to be known as MMS, a simple health formula that cured malaria. In the years that followed, he further improved the formula. Eventually a missionary group invited him to Africa where he successfully treated over 5,000 malaria cases and victims of other diseases. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have used MMS to recover their health from a wide range of diseases.


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