Welcome Faculty!

NEWS! December 2022 ~ NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is honored to announce that Nicole Pinter-Krainer has joined as a member of its faculty. 

Based in Europe, Nicole brings to us years of devoted expertise in Animal Healing via her teaching platform at NEU called: Animal Healing Academy. She is presenting an introductory online Animal Healing Workshop for Winter Semester ’23 (Saturday, February 11) and will then be teaching a full course on this vital topic (dates TBA).

Her unique spiritual wisdom-knowledge and deep love for all animals is helping to create unprecedented shifts and inspirational transformation for all. 



An exemplar – devoted to raising consciousness through years of sacred service  Nicole shines healing light for peace on earth for all creatures – large and small.

We are delighted to recognize this lovely Soul as an esteemed colleague and new faculty of the NewEarth University. May she be blessed with long life to assist all beings on the heroic journey to Oneness.

To learn more, visit her Animal Healing Academy Page




May this activity bring great benefit of radiant wellbeing to all.

~  Welcome Nicole Pinter-Krainer  ~

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