Welcome Fellow!

NEWS! August 2022 ~ NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is honored to announce that Dave Emery has graciously accepted the invitation to collaborate as an esteemed Fellow of the online, new-paradigm UNlearning community of NEU.

A popular featured speaker at NewEarth Horizon’s Lazarus Initiative, Dave brings essential REAL historical perspectives to the NewEarth University (in his words, “the history we were never told about!”). He plans to share his astonishing writings and teachings – gleaned from decades of cutting-edge research in the field illuminating our true history – with a fascinating workshop slated for 2023. Meanwhile … Dave is finishing his latest book, Beyond the Biblical. Please stay-tuned. 

Emery’s extraordinary spiritual wisdom-knowledge is helping to create major unprecedented shifts and transformation for all people. Some of his resources are now in the Library for your inspirational study.


A seasoned exemplar – devoted to raising consciousness through many years of sacred service  Dave Emery brings REAL history forward into the light of present day, while championing freedom and peace for humanity and the greater cosmos.

We are delighted to recognize this kind, brilliant Soul as an esteemed colleague and honored Fellow of the NewEarth University. May he be blessed with long life to assist all on the heroic journey to Oneness.

To learn more, read his BIO HERE



May this activity bring great benefit of radiant wellbeing to all sentient beings.

~  Welcome Dave Emery  ~

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