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sovereignty 101 – what is sovereignty?

sovereignty – first and foremost – is a state of mind It is that state of mind, which declares yourself not to have anything above you that may influence or rule over you. Does this mean that you automatically stop paying your bills, mortgage and taxes?  Probably not, but...

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new earth nation

new earth nation is a fellowship of sovereign nations and micro-nations founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition new earth nation is the jewel in the school of natural law’s crown It is an open...

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resource for being sovereign – embodying absolute sovereignty

  Researched, collated and written by NEU’s School of Natural Law faculty and associated fellows: The moment one values the realization of their inherent sovereignty – more than they value their own self-indulgence, personal attachments and self-preservation – then, absolute sovereignty is theirs. The simplest way to realize absolute...

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effective self-inquiry as an art leading to sovereignty

  This brief article/resource was researched, compiled and written by the NewEarth University School of Natural Law faculty volunteers as part of its growing library of sovereignty resources.   Questions: Who Am I … What Am I? Self-inquiry is commonly understood as a process by which one may discover the...

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micro-nation tutorials natural law resource

  This resource was researched, compiled and written by volunteer faculty and staff at NEU’s School of Natural Law: six steps to claiming a territory You are about to participate in one of the most important actions of your life in service of our dear planet earth – this...

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Creating Your Micro-Nation Constitution

  Researched, compiled and written by faculty and staff of NEU’s School of Natural Law.   Creating a Constitution Depending on the size of your group will define the process you engage in creating your constitution. Never forgetting that it is the people of the nation themselves who the...

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planning your successful secession (sovereignty article)

Researched, compiled and written by volunteer faculty, associated fellows and staff at NEU’s School of Natural Law: successful secession planning The following justifications for secession represent the core arguments made toward the case for secession.  They are worth bearing in mind when planning your secession, so you may have...

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