effective self-inquiry as an art leading to sovereignty


This brief article/resource was researched, compiled and written by the NewEarth University School of Natural Law faculty volunteers as part of its growing library of sovereignty resources.


Questions: Who Am I … What Am I?

Self-inquiry is commonly understood as a process by which one may discover the answer to the questions of: Who am I? or… What am I?

However, as these may be the ultimate questions, self-inquiry is an expansive process that is also useful for the discovery of answers to other questions, which have deep power & significance.  The wisdom that is gained from such insight leads to a natural expression of absolute sovereignty.

Self-inquiry Is An Art

Self-inquiry is an art; the mastery of which lies in the ability to receive answers to profound questions from a source beyond the psychological self.  The key to effective self-inquiry is in how one asks the question.


The question must be asked from a state of pure-truth and simple openness: a conscious meditative state.

This is not a ‘spiritual’ practice, per se – a state of meditation requires nothing more than allowing oneself to enter into a space of deep relaxation and profound peace.  A key to deep relaxation is nothing more than the willingness to allow everything to be “as it is.”  One need not quiet the mind, one needs simply to allow any ‘noise’ to be… as it is.  It is in the acceptance of tension that relaxation may be discerned; it is in the acceptance of conflict that peace may be found; and it is in the acceptance of noise that silence may be found.


The question being asked needs to be one which has deep significance to the one by whom the question is being asked.

The more powerful the question, the greater the power of the answer received.  Self-inquiry does not yield answers to the question of why something must be; why is question-driven by the mind.  What is a question that is driven by the heart—thus self-inquiry is concerned with ‘what’ something is to be.


One is not looking for an answer from the mind.

The purpose of self-inquiry is to provide an opening in the mind, through which the pure-truth answer to a question may be directly experienced.  Such an answer need not be remembered or ingrained upon the psyche, to be regurgitated at some later date.  Such an answer becomes a living-breathing sense, which, when received, becomes an integral part of the very source-code of who and what we are—expressing itself through us, naturally, as realized, unified, absolute and sovereign beings.

For further exploration on effective self-inquiry, the following sovereignty-related resources are recommended:

  • Self Inquiry and Its Practice, David Frawley

  • Adyashanti, True Meditation

  • Sri Rajiv Kapur, Journey Back to the Self

  • Self-inquiry Community Group


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