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natural law articles / law common to oneself

  Law Common to Oneself This brief natural law resource, law common to oneself, was compiled by faculty and staff of the NEU School of Natural Law. Law common to oneself is the Common Law of one’s own sovereign kingdom.  In fact, the very meaning of sovereignty is that...

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sovereignty: convening your own court of record

  Compiled by the NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law faculty volunteers: A court is defined as ‘the person and suit of the sovereign.’ As a sovereign (wo)man, you are by this very definition, a walking court of record. And since the very meaning of sovereignty is that the...

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natural law – an introductory article

  Natural law is the law as it is written on the heart of every wo/man in the form of their conscience.  It is not something which can be written down or codified, nor ought it be.   “The general law of this society is that each member...

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sovereignty: the importance of asking questions

  This brief article/resource was researched, compiled and written by the NewEarth University School of Natural Law faculty and staff volunteers as part of its growing library of sovereignty resources.   Whether it be questions directed at oneself in the form of self-inquiry or questions directed at those who seek...

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