Birth Registration: Certificate of Birth or Death Certificate?


Researched and Compiled by Faculty at the NEU School of Natural Law


Shortly after a child is born most parents perform the voluntary act of attending a registry office, to cause the event of the child’s birth to be registered (it is not the child who is registered, only the event).

The parents do not themselves register the event of the child’s birth, they provide information to a Registrar who in turn registers the event. A receipt is usually issued, often called a certificate of live birth (or something similar).

The government then performs a process called ‘conversion’ which means the changing of realty to personalty (reality into fiction). To memorialize this act it issues a certificate to the parents, often called a “birth certificate” (or something similar). Ironically, a birth certificate is actually a death certificate, evidencing title to an “estate.”

The child is then usually sent to a school, which is either run by the state or run in accordance with the directions of the state, where he or she is made to answer, every day, to the name recorded on the birth certificate. This focused conditioning is supported all the way by a coordinated media machine and the teaching of the child’s parents (and general society) who themselves have been conditioned in the same manner…so that by the time the child leaves school around 17 years old (often even older) he or she has been conditioned to identify themself AS the name on the birth certificate.

The normal course of life then usually requires that the young adult begins to sign forms of various kinds in order to progress through life. At the moment the young adult signs his or her first form, claiming to BE the person named upon it, this form declares that he or she is dead, and therefore subject to the rules of the land of the dead.

Without this voluntary attachment, no legal process can be brought against a wo/man.

Without this voluntary attachment, a wo/man has no commercial liabilities, anywhere.

Without this voluntary attachment, a wo/man is in the world, not of it.

Without this voluntary attachment, a government has no power.

By redressing how we relate to this name/estate we reclaim the power of self-governance. However, when we reclaim this power we have a greater responsibility to wield it with honesty, integrity and above all… Love.


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