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Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty

  The following Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty was created – and gifted to you – by the many talented and devoted faculty members of the NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness.       Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty     Be it known that I, ___________________________________________________________, do hereby...

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Resources of Linus Pauling

  For student research: Linus C. Pauling was the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes. The American scientific researcher revolutionized the study of chemistry, helped found the field known as molecular biology, and also made critical advances in modern medical research.   Visit the National Library of...

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food & neutral frequency – mind/body connection

  Compiled by the School of Health & Wellness volunteer faculty and staff   Food that helps fuel a healthy mind/body connection: For Choline (acetylcholine/alpha/parietal) Eggs, blueberries, wheat germ, peanut butter, cheese, fish, chicken, cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Fava beans, caviar, cauliflower, almonds and grapes or their juice. For Tyrosine...

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spirit-body-mind – ten key insights

ten key insights about the human body Insight #1: The human body is electro-magnetic by nature, sustained by Source energy (sometimes called, life-force, Qi, prana or primal fire). A healthy body utilizes life-force abundantly through all its systems. In contrast, a diseased body has developed blockages that prevent the utilization...

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new paradigm healthcare: reclaiming your health sovereignty

  A Core Human Right We believe that vibrant healthcare is a core human right.  Reclaiming your health sovereignty is an essential component of exercising your absolute sovereignty – and therefore, embodying your best healthcare strategies. Most corporations and institutions have served their own financial interests, relegating humanity to...

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state-of-the-art nutrition

the best nutrition possible for your overall health & well-being Having entered the School of Health & Wellness, we recommend at the gate that you review key Wellness Sovereignty insights.  Engaged in this life-changing new earth paradigm we suggest you now consider what kind of a diet would best support...

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alchemical cooking (article)

Mystery school-university of quantum dynamics topic: alchemical cooking The material in this resource is intended to serve as a practical guide for preparing your own menus using the principles of alchemy. For the alchemical cook, the ideal meal is a balanced blend of universal forces, each contributing its own...

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the awaken & release technique is required for complete detoxification Cleansing is the event that occurs when accumulated waste and pathogens fully exit the body. This happens when copious amounts of waste leave the body primarily through the bowel. The detoxification diet “awakens” this accumulated matter but that is...

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