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Having entered the School of Health & Wellness, we recommend at the gate that you review key Wellness Sovereignty insights.  Engaged in this life-changing new earth paradigm we suggest you now consider what kind of a diet would best support an awakening, radiant, electro-magnetic human design.

What kind of diet will support your flow, prevent blockages, dissolve past, accumulated blockages, rehabilitate pathogen loaded internal terrain, turn painful symptoms into pleasurable nirvana and promote flow?  One that is full of foods that offer the body plentiful quantities of life-force and other supportive nutrients but does not create blockages in the body.  In today’s world such truly healthful foods may not be as easy to come by, as they were when the earth was pure, the soil rich, and methods of procuring foods were simple and grounded.

choosing the right food

Sadly, we cannot look to humankind’s original diet to determine what we should be eating today since such foods (in modern times) are not clean and life-generating as they were previously – and our bodies aren’t either.  Plants are different and the animals and their milk are different.  We must take all of this into consideration in determining what kind of diet best supports us today.

While research tells us that ancient man lived and thrived eating mostly off the fruits of land with small amounts of animal meat and milk (more or less, depending on the climate and terrain), we cannot simply look to ancient peoples to determine what food is best for us to eat as some diet theorists like the “paleo” promoters would suggest.  It’s a little more complicated than that now.

The fact is that we are not original man and we are not living on original earth.  Modern man has two strikes against it, speaking purely physically: compromised DNA from a lineage of many generations living out of alignment (also causing degenerated organ function) and a highly acidic environment.  The food supply also has many strikes against it: meat is no longer pure (with the rarest exceptions), fish are not pristine and fruits and vegetables which are mostly hybrids are by and large grown improperly in de-mineralized soil, picked prematurely, often irradiated and then transported in crates in air-conditioned trucks for days or weeks until they are all but completely devitalized before they reach our plate.  In these times, much of our food is not nutritious and a considerable amount that won’t actually harm us.  So what we need to look for in order to design the ideal diet for us today is two-fold.  The first is to ensure we are not eating foods that will harm us and the second is to identify the foods that are truly life-generating today.  The former list is extensive so it is far easier to start with the life-generators, to focus on what foods we would be well served by… and then just omit the rest.

Determining the foods that serve us is also two-fold in that we are looking for foods that will both support a critical cleansing process that needs to occur in order to remove the blockages that prevent our electromagnetic bodies from conducting the force that truly feeds it — the qi, life-force — and also deliver such life force to us simultaneously.  There is a name for these special foods that offer this two-fold benefit.  They are the “life-generators.”  We will refer to them as such throughout.  Provided they are harmoniously procured (meaning without pesticides, not genetically modified; and grown and then harvested correctly) all water-containing plant foods fall into this ideal “life-generating” category.

water-containing food

Water-containing plant foods deliver life force, nutrients and oxygen without compromising our flow.  Water-containing plant foods include all unadulterated (meaning non-dehydrated and un-cooked), fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables and young coconuts, and mothers milk for babies). These are the perfect foods for mankind.  The degree to which we take in non-water-containing plant foods is the degree to which we will begin accumulating blockages in our system, preventing the free flow of life force.  Other foods may be enjoyed if tempered with this understanding.



In today’s world, a vegetable centric diet is the most universally beneficial and conducive to healing. Vegetable-centric simply means that vegetables, (ideally mostly raw and organic but also cooked) would make up 80-90% of the diet. If it were not for the addictions people have to be gently weaned-off and the pleasures they may seek in other foods, vegetables (including avocados and coconuts) could be 100% of the diet. They provide all the nutrition the evolving human body needs.

– why are vegetables the cornerstone?

Today’s fruits, fleshes, dairy and grains have all been greatly compromised by modern agricultural and animal-raising and, even under the best conditions where they are properly cultivated; they leave an acidic ash and accumulation in the body.

We do not need these accessory foods to be optimally nourished. In fact, the opposite is true; they undermine our optimal health and vitality.

Fruits are the only exception to this. They are not accessory foods. They are original foods, part of our original design and perfect for “original mankind.” However, as they have been hugely hybridized and modified over the last century to contain far too much sugar, most people have too many pathogens, waste and gas pressure to heal well with fruits at this juncture; sadly, for many people, especially those diagnosed with cancer, fruits should not be consumed. This will change as people get healthier and the fruit they eat is locally, organically grown and picked ripe.



– green juice

Life force and chlorophyll are the primordial nutrients that sustain and regenerate life in our bodies. They are also the most highly alkaline substance available to us. In addition to all of this, they can transform our terrain from bio-acidic (life-deteriorating) to biogenetic (life-generating).



– natalia’s top 10 reasons to drink green juice

  • Greens are the quintessential primordial food — when you juice greens you are drinking synthesized sunlight, the source of life in our cosmos.
  • Green juice magnetizes the old waste from deep in the cells and tissues for release, one of two essential steps for real detoxification.
  • The life-force of the plant is in the liquid. You cannot get the same result from powdered greens, no matter how nutrient packed they are.
  • One glass of green juice has the life force, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids of several pounds of greens.
  • There is no digestion needed — the value and qualities of the green juice go straight to the cellular level like an intravenous injection.
  • Green juice helps to re-mineralize the teeth and bones, which we often forget are living tissue and can be strengthened given the chance.
  • Green juice will help neutralize acidic substances we consume or are exposed to in our environment.
  • If coated the following day in green juice, the alkaline substance will help prevent acidic foods from sticking in the intestinal tissue, as it would do otherwise. This is why green juice is not optional if there is any acidity in the diet.
  • Green juice is the color of the heart chakra (LOVE) and carries the frequency of all that implies to every cell it reaches, elevating the body to a more loving state with every sip.
  • Green juice contains organic water, one of the purest sources of water we have in today’s world where so much of our water supply has been contaminated.

eat light-to-heavy

  • Food combining is extremely helpful as it ensures maximum digestive ease, which equates to maximum nourishment, minimal blockages and prevention of fermentation and the development of pathogens.
  • Please see Food Combining Chart & Alkalinity Index.
  • When we combine food correctly, and eat these properly combined meals in the correct order of “light to heavy,” we give the food the best chance of exiting the body, rather than adding to accumulation.
  • Aim to eat with the principles of “light to heavy” in mind within a meal, as well as throughout the course of the day.

dietary guidelines

  • Make green juice a sacred daily practice
  • Aim for an organic, 75% living foods, plant-based diet, with minimal animal products
  • Note: Reference the hierarchy of vibrational nutrition for animal product suggestions.
  • Apply food-combining rules

monitor grains

Here is a list of grain items that may be included on the transition bridge, as they are more apt to leave the body cleanly:

  • Preferably “ancient grains” such as quinoa, millet, spelt, Kamut and amaranth
  • Sprouted grains and sprouted grain products
  • Monitor and reduce packaged foods


If packaged foods are included, look for products with the highest-quality ingredients, and the fewest additives.  Eliminate highly processed, highly-acidic substances, such as fried foods, fast food, soft drinks, candy, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, mainstream meat and dairy products.



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