the awaken & release technique is required for complete detoxification

Cleansing is the event that occurs when accumulated waste and pathogens fully exit the body. This happens when copious amounts of waste leave the body primarily through the bowel.

  1. The detoxification diet “awakens” this accumulated matter but that is only one of a two-step process.
  2. The waste must leave through normal bowel movements, enemas and colonics. This is the second essential part of the process ensuring a more thorough detoxification.



Create space in the body:

The more waste exits the body, the more space there will be in the body. That space was designed to be filled with life force, not waste.

When the space is filled with life force you will feel the electromagnetic charge viscerally – it is a tangible feeling or “hum” of a fully operating life-force.

The more space you make in your body by removing the ‘awakened’ waste accumulation, the more energy you will have, and the more your body will hum with vibrant life-force.

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