spirit-body-mind – ten key insights

ten key insights about the human body

Insight #1: The human body is electro-magnetic by nature, sustained by Source energy (sometimes called, life-force, Qi, prana or primal fire).

  • A healthy body utilizes life-force abundantly through all its systems.
  • In contrast, a diseased body has developed blockages that prevent the utilization of one’s life-force.
  • Symptoms or feeling ‘dis-ease’ will reflect the degree to which the life force is blocked and prevented from flowing optimally in the system.
What does this means in real terms to you?
  • You are more than just flesh and blood. Deep within you at a subatomic level, and in the field surrounding your body is an electromagnetic network designed to conduct electric energy from the Sun and magnetic energy from the Earth.
  • When there are blockages in your body, the conductivity of that energy is prevented, diminishing your life experience and manifesting as symptoms, which show up in your physical, emotional and mental state.
What causes the majority of your symptoms/illness?

Illness is caused by an obstruction created from substances that your body could not properly assimilate or eliminate.

  • These retained substances take up residence in your body, creating occlusions where there should be free flowing pathways in the cells and tissues, as well as in the electromagnetic network (known in Chinese Medicine as the “meridians”).
  • Your symptoms are like an alarm bell alerting you to blockages that you need to clear (detoxify) these substances.

We’ll show you how you can make needed dietary adjustments, and ways to utilize some simple tools that will assist you with removing these blockages.

Insight #2: Like the cosmos, the body is a unified field that includes many sub-fields.

  • You have an emotional/feeling body, a physical body, a mental body, a spiritual body, etc. Each field affects the other in an interdependent relationship.
  • If you are not aligned in one field, you will likely have a symptom in another field. For example, you might overeat due to emotional imbalance, resulting in unfavorable physical symptoms like excess weight or diabetes, heart disease or asthma.
  • The good news for you is that as you rectify an imbalance in one field, you will find the corresponding fields will rebalance too! We will help you do this so you can enjoy balance in all your fields!

Insight #3: One distinct cause of physical pain is separation from the interconnected network of life. There are two causes of this separation:

  1. A blockage in an area of one or more of the fields impedes conductivity of the biological energy that runs through the network of life.
  2. What we call “the broken threads”: the places between the individual and the interconnected network of life that have lost connection. Imagine taking a pair of scissors to a network of threads. When this occurs, the integrity of the unit is lost. Broken threads and blockages are both key factors in “separation consciousness.”
What is Separation Consciousness?
  • Separation consciousness is a way of perceiving that one is separate from the larger expression of life and other living things, so it doesn’t matter if blockages develop or if threads are cut.
  • When unbalanced, separation consciousness becomes a state of being. While this is the most common way of perceiving today, it is a mis-perception. We are no more separate from the living network than a cell in your body is separate from you, nor are we any less subject to, or dependent of, the whole.
  • Common belief systems today continue to foster the idea of living in separation consciousness. This has ultimately led to people’s physical disintegration.
When a person instead begins to see through the lens of unity consciousness, she will:
  • Gain immediate knowledge of how living systems work
  • Understand what distresses them
  • Perceive how they can rapidly heal

Insight #4: You should be humming!

When our field is clear and consciously operating within the larger unified-field-of-life, the body experiences a visceral vibration that feels like a blissful hum. In this state, also known as “nirvana,” your needs and desires are amply met by the bliss you experience within.

What does this mean to you?
  • SOVEREIGNTY! As people move toward real wellness, they will experience a lessening of the desire for things outside of their being. Imagine not being compelled to consume, shop or seek out relationships as a way of appeasing yourself.
  • Things outside of you will no longer have such a strong hold – people will enter a “free-will” zone. Just because a person might not feel that hum immediately, doesn’t mean it will never be experienced in one’s body.
  • When we are operating at optimum wellness the hum will come!

Insight #5: The body has a distinct language of pleasure and pain. Pleasure tells us we are in flow. Pain is an alarm bell warning us that flow has been compromised.

Alarm bells (a.k.a. “symptoms”), are actually our body’s friends as they tell us where change in self-care is needed.

  • Ignored alarm bells only sound off more loudly as opposition to life force in the body increases.
  • By contrast, symptoms reduce and are exchanged for feelings of pleasure when a person is on the right track. The body always communicates to us when we are living in harmony with its laws and when we are not.

Start using your body’s language to determine when you’re in communion with your body and when you’re not. Your body loves to communicate with you — more than that it loves to be understood and responded to!

Insight #6: The body also communicates in the form of addiction. Addiction tells us something truly remarkable, namely where rogue entities are feeding and taking over.

  • It is only possible to become addicted to acidic substances, not to alkaline substances. Pathogens need acidic substances to survive.
  • Therefore, addiction warns us that we are moving out of our sovereignty and are instead empowering rogue life forms every time we partake in the substances we’re addicted to.
  • When you consume things you’re addicted to, you are feeding the rogue entities’ pleasures even more than your own. You are giving the mold, bacteria, yeast and parasites what sustains them, not what sustains you.
  • Addiction and Sovereignty are states of mind that oppose each other. Once this is realized it should be much easier to refrain from consuming those substances. When a person realizes they are giving the power to direct their consumption and turning over the wellbeing of their body to these rogue entities, they will likely not be so quick to give into the sugary, starchy items, alcohol, coffee and other things pathogens love.

Insight #7: Pathogens in the forms of rogue bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and parasites are on the rise in the modern body because of the increasingly acidic terrain created by modern foods, drugs, acidic water, acidic air and microwave radiation.

  • This means that these rogue entities are destroying the integrity of our bodies and are the harbingers of cancer.
  • One of the biggest keys of reclaiming our bodies from pathogenic demise is to alkalinize through life-generating substances, (especially juicing leafy greens and grasses and oxygenation — see nutrition),
  • Cleansing and detoxifying enables the body to rehabilitate and to eliminate pathogens using plant based remedies and energy medicine. Our recommendations will help you accomplish that!

Insight #8: Shield yourself from Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic pollution (ELF)

It’s important to register this key issue as we ponder our health today. It is more important than ever that we know how to off-set this problem, neutralizing it with our full tool-box of tools.

  • Microwave radiation is assaulting our energy field, our brains and the integrity of our cells and tissues. This radiation is everywhere you find wireless service. It is also found in abundance around smart meters.
  • Radiation destroys the integrity of our cells, causing cancer, infertility (in both men and women), brain diseases, mood disorders and weakening eyesight among many other devastating physical effects.
  • Neutralize this radiation as much as possible by adopting the most life-generating diet, get plenty of sleep in non-radiation areas and utilize supplemental tools to decrease the effects of radiation.

Insight #9: Our bodies have unlimited potential for health and longevity when our cells, tissues and pathways are open and unencumbered by blockages.

  • If we undertake the health protocols on this site, specifically for diet and cleansing, we can start to remove the blockages that are limiting our well-being and also prevent adding future accumulation.
  • The more we can create an internal system free of blockages, the more we will experience this unlimited health potential first hand!

Insight #10: Our bodies are designed to flow. Our pathways, cells, tissues and even bones are meant to be in consistent conductivity.

  • We can support our body flow by remaining flexible and agile through yoga, dance and play.
  • If this flow is not maintained, calcification will set in triggering the deterioration cycle.
  • Clean celled, prana-flowing bodies are overwhelmingly the precursor to perpetual joy, effortless love for all life and unbridled creative inspiration.
  • So go out and play!
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