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integrated biodiversity conservation plan

new earth communities are planetary exemplars of harmonious, peaceful, and joyful coexistence between conscious human beings and the natural kingdoms; a global model for stewardship where communities satisfy both human needs and those of indigenous flora and fauna a new earth conservation vision New Earth locations are recognized as...

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vision of new earth health & wellness retreat centers

rejuvenation at new earth The NewEarth movement has continued to envision NewEarth Haven venues, related ecovillages, conscious communities, and projects that include life-enhancing retreats. Plans are being designed to incorporate an on-site NewEarth University (NEU) campus complex where distinguished wisdom keepers - fellows, faculty, staff, and affiliates - are...

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dome clusters from new earth project (article)

  From the faculty of the Design & Development discipline (The D & D) at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation, this brief article with illustrations covers the NewEarth bio-architecture dome clusters and floor plans. new earth dome clusters and floor plans Mimicking the way nature creates...

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